Wednesday , August 4 2021

EXPLODE WITH EXPLANATION: Nacho Ambriz’s convincing message to all those who suggest or claim that Kota was left in prison before Jay Macias

The quick departure of Rodolfo Kota (criminal), gestures by Jay Macias that were already seen before the penalty kick (like a nervous trick in the eye) and some comments – with a clear tone of joke – on Instagram revealed huge media chaos after the semifinals of the first match between Chivas and Leon.

That many fans give more passionate than rational comments may be understandable. What was amazing about this whole scandal was to see hints from many “journalists” and “commentators” – and in some cases to ensure – that Rodolfo Cota deliberately failed and allowed himself to be tagged in front of his former team and former teammate. .

In the middle of the circus that was set up, Leon’s board, with details such as hanging a banner at the Nou Camp finish and several announcements on their digital platforms, expressed its support for his guardian. Nacho Ambrise, realizing that they are in the middle of a tie, chose not to speak in the review of Chapter II of the semifinals. DT saved his speech at the end of the series (The fair by the way it made it to the finals).


“If I blame you, the press, for something Kota. I think it’s wrong, because you suddenly say this is a show. And this is not a show. It is not a show for Kota’s children, wife, parents. And that really bothers me a lot. A lot. Many people, and I will certainly not be mistaken, many people in the press shook the fans. The fans were also wrong to criticize Kota. This is not valid. This is football. And when it comes to playing football, the first person to defend my players is me. Because you did not know what Kota’s wife and children suffered. “And today, I think Kota has closed his mouth to a lot, a lot, of what Kota is like as a football professional.”


It can be said louder, but not clearer.

And DT on The fair you are absolutely right.

Undefeated data. With Chivas, Rodolfo Kota was the MX League Champion, two-time Copa MX Champion, Konkaha Champion and MX Super Cup Champion. In addition, he was recognized as the best goalkeeper in the MX League and won the Golden Glove for Konkacha. From arrival as a replacement, to departure as an efferent.

Did he know…? Rodolfo Kota reported with Leon in 2018, after Chivas could not make the purchase option valid. In these few years he remained one of the best goalkeepers in the championship.

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