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Download the first person demo of Silent Hill

Silent Hill is still regarded today as the best saga of psychological horror titles in the history of video games, and many of us hope to see a new installment in the current console generation, though it seems like Conami is out of business.

Everyone knows that the all-powerful old-fashioned Conami is not at best, at least in the video game sector, because it is currently more focused on the machine business of pashinko, as evidenced by the use of the brand's well-known IP for its new slots.

Fortunately for us, there are many fans who spend their time performing remakes Silent Hill as the one to bring you this time, ever since Zero Trace Operative created the first demo saga play demo that allows us to play it in first person.

Visit the streets of Silent Hill above all

The Zero Trace operating team is responsible for creating this demo that allows us to reproduce the first minutes of Silent Hill, but this time with a first person perspective. This demo, despite allowing us to tour Silent Hill from a new perspective, It has a very short duration (about 5 minutes) and the Zero Trace operating system has already advanced that they did not plan to finish the game.

Along with this new demo of Silent Hill, they also posted a video on their YouTube channel showing part of the created demo. If you are interested in trying out this new demo, I recommend that you do not watch the following video and thus enjoy more of the short experience provided by this fan-made work.

This demo weighs 550MB and you can download it by following this link.

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