Friday , June 18 2021

Couaron regrets little support for "Rome"

The minimum number of rooms receives a movie Cuarón

MEXICO CITY.- Alfonso Quarone has criticized that only 40 movie theaters in Mexico want to exhibit their new film "Roma", which is nominated for Independent Film Awards and will be the country's representative of the Oscars and Goya Awards.

"I want many more features in Mexico, we have all the rooms we could get this, unfortunately they are 40," Quaron replied to Twitter to a user who asked him about the topic.

The director, Oscar to the best director in 2013 for the film "Gravity", complained about the small interest of Mexican theaters against those of, for example, Poland, where he said he would be screened in 57 theaters, and in South Korea, where will be projected at 50.

Although Rome will be released in the world on December 14th on the digital platform Netflix, Cuaron recalls that it is still "available for all places they want to exhibit".

Today, some of the cinemas in Mexico, New York and Los Angeles will feature this winner of the Golden Lion's Best Movie at the Venice Film Festival and will be announced by critics.

By November 29, he will be screened in other cities in the United States, Toronto, Canada and London, UK. It will be exhibited later on December 5 in other key markets of the United States and the territories of the rest of the world.

The film, which denotes Kuaron's return to his native country after 16 years without shooting in the country, is an autobiographical film based on the memory of the director of Mexico from the 70's, as well as the role of women, domestic and indigenous staff.

Best of the year

The Roma, by Alfonso Cuaron, continue to be successful in the world, and the latest comes from being ranked first in the ten best films of 2018 on the Time magazine list.

"Alfonso Cuarón has developed a career with beautiful films, but" Roma "paid tribute to one of the women they erected – with Jalica Aparicio interpreted, with moderate warmth – is the most beautiful and moving," says the American publication.

"" Rome "is an ode to the power of memory, as intimate as a whisper and vital as the roar of the sea," the publication said.

The film gets roar reviews around the world and so far only specialist Kevin Maher is not satisfied with the treatment of the story.

Excellent closing

Better than Lady Gaga in "Born Star". Better than Rami Malek in Bohemian Rhapsody. Better than Ethan Hawk in "The First Reformed". Better than Maershall Ali in the "Green Book". This is confirmed by "Vreme": better than all was Jálica Aparicio, the star of "Roma" by Alfonso Cuaron, and therefore recognizes his work as the best performance since 2018.

Symptomatically, Stefani Zaharek's article, in which Time magazine awarded this honor, led by Lady Gaga, Ethan Hawk and Maheshreshala Ali, but none of Sami Yalitsa.

Symptomatically, since Jalica has been a number unknown to the industry so far.

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