Wednesday , June 16 2021

COPD is already the second cause of death in the world

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is already the second leading cause of death in the world after ischemic heart disease caused by coronary atherosclerosis, or people responsible for supplying blood to the myocardium or cardiac muscle.

This was revealed in the Lancet Global Burden of Disease report, which emphasized that COPD is underestimated in statistics because it is not the main or visible cause of death, because there are usually no complications and co-morbidity with other diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular etc.) .

"Patients with COPD do not die because of it, but with many other complications," said pulmonologist Javier Palicio, president of Fenaer (Spanish Federation of Allergic Associations and Respiratory Diseases) and recorded the Quo site.

This disease causes coughing, coughing, mild, moderate or severe shortness of breath. The difficulty lies in distinguishing between cough and smoker and cough caused by COPD. "Smoker cough is always pathological, it is a mechanism of body defense against aggression." COPD is a consequence of aggression of inhalation of toxic gases "- he explained.

However, among the main causes of COPD are cigarette smoke as well as smoke from coal and chlorine furnaces. Another important point to consider is the treatment of various recurrent respiratory infections from childhood, because they can cause chronic bronchitis, which eventually leads to COPD.

Therefore, early diagnosis is essential to prevent the disease from going into a serious phase. Thanks to a simple spirometry test, you can see signs of disease, which leads to a more complete examination.

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