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Capital Develop an anti-bacterial paint to combat infectious diseases

Infectious diseases are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics usually used by doctors


Notimex Agency


Mexico City. – Infectious diseases that affect the population are aggravated as the number of infections increases, which is usually the case in hospitals, schools and nurseries that need to be sanitized to prevent them from spreading.

One of the ways to clean rooms is to take care of their hygiene, for which there are products that allow to eliminate the most dangerous and common bacteria for men in furniture and sometimes in floors, but the walls are still a place that could proliferate bacterial colonies.

In the search for alternative solutions, Comex has developed an antibacterial paint that has been recently released.

In an interview with Notimex, specialist Jose Fernando Huerta Romano pointed out that infectious diseases are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics commonly used by doctors, which is becoming a global problem.

The infectious padiatrist has emphasized that in order to avoid deaths for these reasons, prevention is the best measure that includes proper hygiene for people and places in which they are often found.

"World Health Organization calculates that around 2050 the main cause of death in the world are diseases with multiresistant bacteria, that is, resistant to all antibiotics, of which over 10 million deaths are estimated for this reason." said the expert.

Prevention, as he said, is the most important, but this job not only goes to the health authorities, because it's not just about developing stronger antibiotics, but about realizing the habits we have, such as washing hands before and after going to the bathroom or food disinfection.

To help the health of the population, Comex undertook research to get anti-bacterial paint available on the market, said one of the company's managers, José Antonio Nieto.

"All preventive actions are appropriate and we always consider technology and innovation in an attempt to identify consumer needs and to this end we identify the importance of having an antibacterial paint that helps to have bacteria-free spots," he emphasized. .

The paint that Comex introduced in the Mexican market aims to sanitize places that are often cleaned, because it is necessary to avoid infections of various diseases, such as the respiratory system – said the manager.

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