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Avyavi Goura, the "new" Mexican with a worldwide series

Avery Gera and the Washington Nationalists were crowned World Series. With this Mexican baseball player there are already 15 Aztec baseball players with a major ring in the league.

Then ESPN Digital shows you a list of Mexico baseball players with a championship ring.

Horaceio Pina
The Oakland Athletic Pitcher was the first Mexican to wear the "Autumn Classic" ring. Coahuilaense was crowned in 1973 with the ninth from California against the New York Mets. The Eagles had the following numbers: threw three hits, added four hits and allowed two runs, but they were not clean.

Enrique Roma
The Bay Area California surfer lifted the Pittsburgh Pirates title in 1979. The right-hander went into two games against Baltimore Orioles and received five goals in 4.2 nights in addition to two races.

Fernando Valenzuela
In 1981, Toro de Ethochucilla fully launched Game 3 (9H, 4CL, 7BB, 6K, 4.00ERA) against Anguish Junkie. The left-hander brought his first win to the Los Angeles Dodgers and thence ninth California won the next three games.

Aurelio Lopez
The one from Tecamachalco, Puebla, gave the Detroit Tigers the title in 1984 for the San Diego Padres. Mexican law was the winning pitcher of Game 5.

Jorge Orta
Farrolito was crowned Kansas City Royals in 1985, where Sinaloense had three appearances on the plate and only tied unstoppable against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Erubiel Durazo
In 2001, the Arizona Diamondbacks defeated the Junkies in seven games. Sonoran had 11 appearances with those in the National League, connected four strokes and produced a race.

Benjamin Gill
The Bengals hit .800 percent with the Anaheim Angels against the San Francisco Giants. Tijuana hit four strokes in five shifts.

Alfredo Aceves
The Road was crowned Yankee in 2009 against Philadelphia Phillies. Sonoran came into the game for two events without harm.

Imeeim Garcia
In 2011, the left wing lifted the title with the Cardinals. Tamaulipas opened two games against the Texas Rangers; However, he did not win. He left the PCL at 1.80 with 10 points dropped.

Fernando Salas
Sonoran played with his compatriot Garcia. In 2011 against Texas he averaged 3.2 innings and left his ERA of 7.36.

Sergio Romeo
Mehan is a Mexican with multiple championship rings. The manager was crowned three times with San Francisco (2010, 2012, 2014). During the three championships, he stopped six games and had three saves.

Xavi Gerara
The Mexican-American was crowned for the first time in majors, as was Washington in 2019. Pitcher of the Aztecs threw in two matches, three innings and won the race. The right-hand man was considered to play Mexico in the World Baseball Classic, but he was not qualified for shoulder surgery.

Anthony Randon
Like Guevara's Avyas, Rendon has Mexican roots and was instrumental in the Folk Championship offense in 2019.

Alfredo Amezaga (2002), Ramiro Peña (2009), Hector Veáasquez (2018)
These three Mexican nationals had no activity in the final but have their own championship ring.

With information from Ernesto Rodarte

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