Saturday , June 12 2021

At least thirteen men are diagnosed with cancer in Costa Rica daily – A digital diary in our country

San Jose, November 19 (ElPaí .- The 21st Center for Radiotherapy has passed discovered Monday on the International Human Day, that in Costa Rica, at least thirteen men are diagnosed daily with some kind of cancer.

The study, based on figures from the National Tumor Register, suggests that the male population is losing the battle against cancer due to poor nutrition, obesity, sedentary lifestyles, and other risk factors such as smoking, alcohol, others.

For specialists it is essential that men begin to perform various medical examinations every year and for 40 years, in case they have genetic factors or that their relatives have patients who have faced the disease.

Radiologist Rolando Lauria from the Radiotherapy Center of the 21st Century explained that it is essential that men from Costa Rica should have greater medical control because it is the only way to prevent or detect illness.

Lori says the most recommended for men is that after 40 years, the test is done twice a year, and 50, once a year.

"At this point, cancer should not be a synonym for death, technology has changed a lot, people are more informed about symptoms, they know how to distinguish some signs and this is positive, because the population is a warning and allows us to have early detection," he said Dr. Loria.

The procedure implemented by the Siglo XXI Center for Radiotherapy does not require surgical intervention, in addition, the risks of anesthesia are avoided, the patient does not have to be disabled, stayed hospitalized, work normally, perform frequent activities and have a normal life.

With the technique of radiosurgery, high radiation doses are created precisely to remove the cancer. This technique has between 80 and 95% chance of treatment. The procedure involves the application of irradiation to the patient without damaging the surrounding organs such as the penis, bladder and rectum.

At present, the 21st Century Radiotherapy Clinic is the only center in the country that has the equipment to carry out these procedures, and even if cancer is detected in time it can be treated only for five sessions, while traditional radiotherapy requires more than 45 sessions.

More than a thousand cases of prostate cancer are discovered each year in Costa Rica and about 400 men die of the disease. From January to October this year, the Center for Radiotherapy addressed 128 men, of whom 54% were prostate cancer patients.

Among the types of cancer most affecting the male population are: skin cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, stomach cancer, and lung cancer. While those who cause more deaths are: prostate, stomach, colorectal, lung, and liver.

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