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Astrology and a couple: what are the opposite signs and how to transmute the karma of love

Each person has a personality with many aspects that mix with the characteristics of another. Therefore, getting to know yourself is essential to have a fuller and more satisfying relationship. It is important to understand constructive energies and not as constructive as it is available. Therefore, in the Fhers Foundation, through the natural karmic map, you can see the astrological aspects that symbolize the flow of energy that moves between individuals.

The flow may be open or with cracks and dark angles that we must investigate to get the most out of each compound. Most of the implications are karmic, they are the unification of many lives. We must accept this relationships do not always workHowever, there are for some reason. The more we understand why, the more we can understand ourselves. Emotional attachment is in fact a reflection of our consciousness in formation.

"A real marriage is the inside, everything is within us, who is approaching, it only reveals it", Cristian Fhers.

Karmic astrology of love: how the opposite signs are transferred.

You can discover the compatibility of two characters, taking into account their general characteristics. They are what we call opposites and complementary ones. Despite contradictions, we can be filled by the other. Max Heindel said: "We are a walking zodiac." Believe it or not, all signs are in us. This is a small approximation of a real study between two delivery cards.

Aries-Libra: cardinal axis. Able to help each other change the direction of their lives. The ram symbolizes the action, will, and masculine energy of previous incarnations. The fire of the Ram gives an impulse, direction and purpose. Weight is a balance, a feminine energy of past lives, a complementation by a relationship fulfilled with others. The weight unites calming and settlement.

They both like to manage the relationship. She must learn to be caring, patient and sensitive. The scale must trust, leave doubts and cultivate fidelity. The love between them requires a common ideal: "fire remains, only the air helps him change direction".

Taurus-Scorpio: fixed axis. Both have perseverance. His emotions are full and passionate. Jealous and possessive: the object of love belongs to them. They tend to be offended and not very flexible. Taurus symbolizes safety, methodical and constructive. The relationship of love has a material foundation. Here, karma has a confused love for money. A scorpion in love, with will power, dominates through thirst. Magnetic and penetrating. He wants everything in his own way. Mix your love with passion and bored easily. He fears being hurt and attacks earlier as a form of defense.

Here Scorpio directs, and Taurus puts up passive resistance. They do not like to lose and will try to come to terms before closing the story. The bull must be less selfish, blend in with the other and use his great creativity and sensitivity. Scorpio must cultivate submission, stop competing, be less demanding and dominant. Love between the two can create new ways of loving: "who overcomes matter, is reborn to a new life".

Gemini-Sagittarius: variable shaft. Change, restless and dynamic. Signs of travel and scholars who try to mentally understand love. Gemini thinks and criticizes everything. Permanently changes, being inconstant, curious and nervous. Compete for ideas. He likes to debate and talk and is always well educated. Something cold in love, does not excite, counts everything. He likes secret love without much involvement. If something connects him, he has a tendency to escape. However, he is able to put himself in the place of the other and feel him his brother.

His karma gave too much power to his thoughts: too much mind and little heart. The shooter is provocative, self-sufficient, aspires for high goals. Ardent, able to admire your partner for his knowledge. He must be free, he likes adventure, artistic environment, sport, nature and contact with foreign cultures. Bring a lesson in humility and help others grow.

Both form a good team of intellectuals, scientists and seekers of truth. Love and relationships are more idealistic than practical. The shooter seems to dominate, but the Twins are reluctant to change their ideas. Communication, listening and learning from each other are necessary to overcome dogmatic barriers and differences in points of view. The shooter will lead the ghostly path, and Gemini will bend over her creative fire. They keep the wisdom of connecting souls: "who knows and automates his mind, ties without convincing and convinces without binding."

Cancer-Capricorn: cardinal axis. They are builders, capable of living, creating a new order. The dryness of the land of Capricorn gives shape, and the water of Cancer forms a roughness. These characters retain experience as parents of many lives. Cancer, emotional, sensitive, attached to the past. He is afraid of the present and is looking for shelter in the stories already lived. I love home and family protection. He is offended and does not like it easily. He likes to be in the company and is loyal to what he says he loves.

Capricorn, a little demonstrative, careful and demanding. He likes to attract attention. He wants to run relationships and is conservative. He's clinging to his work that keeps him safe. He confuses love with structure and is often trapped in his material world. Lonely and not too happy, he rules, making others doubt.

If he gains love, his loyal and hardworking heart will make his partner grow, being able to achieve both status, power and social recognition. Cancer must forget what it was, admire the Capricorn and dare to climb up "us". Capricorn softens the sensitivity and sweetness of Cancer, conquering both the space of understanding and understanding. "The mountain is confirmed on the ground so that the water can cross it."

Leo-Aquarius: fixed axis Characters with the greatest possibility of expressing love. Regardless, they love each other because they hide their fear of being sensitive, because it can result in the loss of power. Here we know that when one feels love for another, he is able to feel love for other things in the universe. Loving something is the basis for loving everything.

The lion, dominant, creative, explosive with exceptional clarity that makes him egocentric. The other must always be subordinate at his feet. He wants everything for himself, with voracity and no competition. They are kings or queens from previous incarnations who come to abdicate on the throne. Aquarius, original, intuitive and humane. Independent, sociable, he also likes to lead and lead a relationship. However, being more thoughtful and less attached is a strategist. Strong thread pulling, but I know it can break. Because he does not like to be bound, he knows how to loosen the reins on time.

Both, in order to be compatible, must learn to be flexible, put themselves in their place, be "faithful servants, that the other be their slave." They have already gained the experience of love of many people, they should cherish both the personal needs and the spirit and soul of both. He is capable of great artistic and original works and propellers of brotherly love for all who live. Individualists who first learn about each other and then lose themselves in a relationship: "No one can experience love for another and not be in harmony with himself".

Virgo-Pisces: variable shaft. Scientists and sages. In a state of dreaming with your feet on the ground. Teachers of many lives who have the work of combining material with the spiritual. Miss, thinking, critical, believes that she knows everything. Rationalize and fight with the mind that always wants to be good. For fear of being discovered in vices, it bends to not lose admiration for others. It is difficult for him to be faithful because he loves his ideas and likes to lead, while others obey and idolatrenom. He is a sage who wants to love but the mind stops him.

Fish, emotional, fantasy and escapist. He supports the karma of faith that he is the savior and that his love can heal the suffering of others. He also likes to control others and is afraid of suffering people around him, because it hurts that others are wrong. Independence of the couple generates fear. It is one of the most spiritual signs and will lead your relationships to experience transcendence, intangible, invisible and higher.

Both can achieve special love. Virgo stops thinking so much and gives in to the passionate and deep love of Pisces. Fish must be anchored on the ground so as not to fly in unreal dreams, the land of the Virgo sustains it. Experienced souls can give everything they have to others: "It starts with a dream with an idea, with a chisel of knowledge you get what bothers you and with love you both reach the stars."

We attract those we need at a given moment in life, because we are ready to learn, and if we end up through love to another, a third factor appears: a universe that seems willing to pursue and achieve the goals of both. Difficult becomes easy. Obstacles disappear. A different sense begins to flourish. Do not think about what you can gain or lose. If we can learn to feed each other, instead of being attached to the ego, the more complex aspects of the planet become opportunities. We use karma instead of letting it sink. The river of life always flows towards the ultimate goal, which is to conquer unconditional love.

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