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Arranca la Gira tour a toda velocidad

Go to the top of the topic "ola Hola amigos!" y hasta "Tu yo somo uno mismo", Timbiriche, Parchís, Flans, Chamos, MDO y Fandango, are listed below for a review.

Encapsulated by Tino, Yolanda, Gemma and Frank de Parchís, as Diego Schoening de Timbiriche, chicos of Gira Tour pop & rock, lends a list of adventurous adventurers who have everything in their hands.

"I just had a lot of emotions going on, a Yolanda salvo, no artistic activity at all, no idea about interesting places and places to go to and everything to do with the show," Tino said.

“At the moment the show is going to be a show, of the stars, the losers, the losers, the losers, for a lot of different diversions and comparisons with the toddler to the trabajo of all the haciendo estos Ultimos mesos, pero en realidad hemos puesto nuestro esfuerzo et cariño, hay mucha nostalgia en todo esto ”, refereio Winston de Los Chamos.

But with Diego's part: “It's all nostalgia, it's nostalgia, it's vanguardia, it's just impressive to see it pass in general, it has to be opened, quienes ahí, y estar con los protagonistas de la musica donde todos hemos sido participatos, in the soundtrack of the vida de los que irán a vernos, as es algo que nos emotiona y mueve. No hemos dejado de jugar y divertirnos ”.

Add to that sum Ilse, Mimí, Alix, René, Alexa, Anabella, Sandra, Rocío, Gabriel, Walter, Didier, Pablo, Abel, Lara, Monárez, before completing the cadre of 22 cantos sobre el escenario.

The primera fecha del Gira tour is set to take place on September 27 at the Citibanamex Auditorium at 21:00 hours, prior to the Guadalajara event on November 28, and is scheduled to be negotiated to arrange only one show. .

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