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Alma St Martin suffers from acute leukemia; he is very serious in the hospital

Alma St. Martin has been diagnosed with acute leukemia. Photo: Instagram @almasaintmartin

Alma Saint Martin, TV host, faces severe a battle that damaged his health, product of leukemia suffered by the presenter and that he is being held in a hospital south of Mexico City. That was his partner, journalist Alejandro Cacho, who reported the status of Saint-Martin.

“I speak on behalf of our very dear Alma Saint Martin, my life partner and her family. A few days ago we asked for platelet donors because Alma is going through the most difficult test in her life. “Today we have a sad confirmation that she was attacked by acute leukemia which is very serious in the hospital.”

Alejandro Cacho, journalist

Kacho asked for platelet and blood donors yes Alma Saint Martin which, according to the journalist, is “Very seriously in the hospital” and who said they have confidence God for his companion to restore health.

“We trust God and the doctors that Alma will restore her health. We ask for your prayers and blood and platelet donations, which will be needed indefinitely. It is best to do this in an orderly manner and therefore we will ask for them as needed. “Thank you all very much for your support and understanding.”

Alejandro Cacho, journalist

How to help?

Through his Twitter account, the journalist reported her necessary requirements to help Alma St Martin.

Requirements to be a donor at Angeles Lomas Hospital are:

  • 4 hours post
  • They have not consumed alcohol in the previous 72 hours
  • It weighs more than 50 kilograms
  • Be under 65 years old
  • Do not take medication or have been vaccinated against the flu

“We appreciate all your donations and selfless showing of affection, this will be a long and difficult battle.”

Alejandro Cacho, journalist

Who is Alma St Martin?

Alma Saint Martin is a journalist who started her career as a reporter for the show for the company Televisa, a phase in which she performed various reports that are remembered in official Instagram account of the presenter, who, until recently, was very active on social networks.

The young journalist collaborated as co-conductor of Alejandro Cacho for the program “Morning News”.

The latest publication of Saint-Martin on Instagram dates back to seven weeks ago and it is a photo that shows her posing in front of the camera accompanied by a message of reflection.

“Hello Hello! Happy day. The good days give happiness, the bad days give experience, the worst give us the greatest lessons and the best give us the sweetest memories. What do you think?”

Alma Saint Martin

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