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Zuraida says Zakir Naik is "out of control"

Controversial preacher Zakir Naik was interviewed by police on Friday.

PETALING AYAAA: Controversial preacher Zakir Naik is "out of control", AKR Vice President Zuraida Kamarudin said today as he sought to give more time for party leader Anwar Ibrahim to deal with "hot, hot" things is Naik.

Zuraida said Anwar, the president of the PKK, had just returned from Mecca and needed time to calm down.

She said Anwar was far off when Naik made objections to the Malaysian Hindu and Chinese communities in Malaysia that sparked outrage, as well as opposing a government decision to extend the operating license of Linas Corp.

On Friday, PKK Secretary-General Saifuddin Nasusuksi said the party was waiting for Anwar to return before the party left for Naik. "We will wait for him to come back and chair the meeting. Only then will we make our official position, "Saifudin said.

Zuraida's remarks were released today by Malaysiakini, who said she criticized Naik, saying: "He has broken our confidence in him and is being exploited by the opposition."

Neik recently sparked controversy when he questioned the loyalty of the Malaysian Hindu to Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohammed, and was later quoted as saying that the Chinese community in Malaysia was also considered a "guest" in Malaysia.

Police have since called on Nike to record his statement after more than 100 police reports were filed against him. He is expected to be called again on Monday.

On Thursday, Putrajaya renewed Linas' license to work in Pahang for another six months on several conditions, drawing criticism from environmentalists and several Pakistani Sharapan officials.

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