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Verizon to support RCS messages next year Tech / Gadgets

Verizon to support RCS messages in early 2019. - AFP pic
Verizon to support RCS messages in early 2019. – AFP pic

NEW YORK, November 20 – Although text messaging is the most widely used feature of today's phones, its limitations are driven by companies like Verizon to RCS messages.

Last week, GSA RCS Business Messaging Awareness Lab, senior vice president of consumer goods, Aparna Kurkkar, announced that Verizon would support RCS messages early next year, joining carriers around the world in a transition from communication-dependent mobile communication; in fact, RCS is fast becoming a new textual standard.

With this new form of messaging, verizon text messages will support readers' accounts, stickers, high-resolution media and much more that are only possible with applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and RCS-supported calls. At this point, despite the fact that SMS messages are so popular, they become a bit old-fashioned in terms of today's mobile communication technology.

Right now, the fact that not all carriers support RCS messages makes it difficult for technology to be as efficient as it can be. So far in the US, only Sprint and US Cellular support this universal profile – the RCS technology that best conveys messages between different operators – in its entirety. You can follow those who do this in Redditors.

Unfortunately, neither Kurkekar nor Verizon confirmed that the company would support the RCS version of Universal Profile 1.0, but GSMA told The Wire that it will be. Also, the release date for this feature was not specified, but it's definitely on the way that Google plans.

The company pushes telephone operators to transfer the standard text to RCS Universal Profile, calling the Chat system. This standard will essentially bring all phones to iMessage-eligible capabilities, so not only Apple users will have full entertainment. If carriers are focusing on this version of RCS messages via SMS, we will all be able to send stickers and GIFs to our friends and family easier than ever. – AFP-Relaxnews

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