Wednesday , January 20 2021

TOMORROW x TOGETHER members undergo COVID19 testing after appearing on the EBS show “Bonnie Hani”

On November 25, a representative from Fun for a big hit confirmed that the members of TOMORROW x TOGETHER have undergone COVID19 testing and are currently awaiting their results.

Earlier in the day, EBS announced that a staff member of the Live Kids program set “Talk! Talk! Bonnie Honeywas identified as contact with a positive carrier COVID19. As a result, all Bonnie Honey staff members, including program hosts, have been identified as individuals who have contacted a potential secondary operator, undergoing 14 days of testing and quarantine.

TOMORROW TOGETHER, who appeared as a guest on “Talk! Talk! Bonnie Hani, on November 19, also decided to take voluntary tests for KOVID19.

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