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This application allows you to open all installed applications on Android TV without replacing the standard launcher

Browsing through installed applications on Android TV is not as easy for users as it is on Android. This is because both Android TV and Android TV individual skins, such as Xiaomi’s PatchWall and OnePlus OxygenPlay, focus heavily on content discovery and aggregation of content from various services. As a result, content recommendations dominate much of the Android TV home screen, with applications limited to a single line of the interface. In addition, the Applications section does not list all installed applications, does not have application labels, and edits applications in random order, leading to a bad browsing experience. This includes the TV application launcher from the EasyJoin developer.

Android TV interface

TV App Launcher is a simple app launcher for your Android TV that displays all available apps on your TV in an app drawer-style interface. The apps are sorted alphabetically and they are labeled, making it relatively easy to browse through the apps on your Android TV.

I tried a TV app launcher on my TCL Android TV and it brought me a bunch of additional apps that did not appear in the Default Launcher Apps section. Another great thing about the app is that it allows you to easily open installed APKs on your TV, including those not born with Android TV. But its best feature is that it does all this without replacing the standard launcher on your TV, so you can easily go back to the content recommendations whenever you like.

While it may not be nice to look at, the TV app launcher is certainly useful, and you should definitely give it a try, especially since it is completely free to use. You can download the app directly to your Android TV by searching for “TV App Activator” in the Play Store. In case you do not find the list, you can open the following link in your TV web browser to download the application. After installing the app on your TV, you can also use the Button Mapper app to reset the button on your TV remote control to open the TV app launcher at the touch of a button.

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