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The unsold money now amounts to RM10.8 billion

Deputy Finance Minister Amirudin Hamzah says an online software system has been developed to help people quickly check their unsold money.

KUALA LUMPUR: As of October 31 this year, unsold money stood at RM 8.68 billion, said Deputy Finance Minister Amirudin Hamza.

He said 2.085 billion yen was returned, with the remaining 9.9 billion yen of unpaid money kept safe by the general accountant department.

"To help people quickly, efficiently and accurately check their unsold money, the Accounting Department is in the process of developing an online software system.

"The system is expected to be introduced later this year or early next year.

"The system is currently undergoing a stress test.

"This is to avoid the system crashing after the data is uploaded," he said when the committee's discussion of the 2020 supply bill ended in Davan Rakyat.

Amirudin said the unsold money, which came from accounts that had been dormant or inactive for more than 15 years, had been handed over and held in a consolidated trust account.

"People can check their unsold money and ask for the amount.

"We hope that this system on the Internet can raise people's awareness of their unsold money," he added.

On the country's fiscal position, he said the government is on track to achieve a fiscal deficit of 3.4% in 2019 and 3.2% in 2020.

"Earlier, we were aiming for a 3.0% fiscal deficit next year, but given factors beyond our control, such as trade between the US and China and Brexit, we revised the target," he said.

Dawn Rakyat continues tomorrow.

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