Saturday , June 12 2021

Terengganu Sultana will sue Clare Rachel Brown over a 1MB book – a nation

PETALING JAYA: Sultana Terengganu Sultana Nur Zahira filed a lawsuit against investigative journalist Clay Reekstuckle Brown and two other people for her defamation in the book on the development issue of 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

The book is titled "The Sarawak Report: The Inner Story of 1MBB".

Sultana Nur Zahira filed a lawsuit through J.'s law firm. S. Piley and Mohd Hazik on Wednesday (21 November).

The sultan is named by the founder of the Sarawak report, Redzakl-Brown, her book publisher Heracbubaya Enterprises and printer Winlin Press Sd Bhd as defendants.

Sultana Nur Zahira's lawyer, Datiak Hazik Pilaj, told a news conference that he had received a consent from the palace to continue the lawsuit Tuesday (November 20th).

He said the case management was scheduled for December 19.

On September 29, Sultana Nur Zahira, through her adviser, gave Reuqually Brown eight days to issue a "full, unambiguous public withdrawal" of her passage to her book on the 1MBB scandal or to face a libel suit of 100 million suspicious offenses .

A letter of request was submitted to three parties, including Redcard Brown, to make a public withdrawal and an apology in the terms to be approved by her lawyers until October 5.

A day earlier, Sarawak's report apologized if the book had led to any misinterpretation of Sultana's part that she had suggested that she had conspired with businessman Neil Taek Joe, commonly known as Joe Nio, or was involved in the state administration in the 1MBB scandal.

The newspaper also clarified that this does not indicate that it was affiliated with the Terringang Investment Authority (TIA) or the 1MDB board in any way.

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