Saturday , October 16 2021

Sony to close a plant in Malaysia, to consolidate capacity

KUALA LUMPUR: Sony will close a plant in Malaysia next year to consolidate its operations at its other plant in the country for efficiency, the Japanese electronics giant said on Saturday (December 5th).

The company told Reuters by e-mail that it always takes into account market conditions, business growth potential and other factors as part of its ongoing review of its investments and business operations.

“As part of this review, Sony will consolidate its manufacturing operations by relocating its operations from Penang to Selangor to further improve operational efficiency,” said Rick Ong, head of the Penang-based Human Resources Department.

The plant operations will be completed by September 30 and will be closed by the end of March 2022, which will affect about 3,600 employees in Penang.

Some of Penang’s employees will be transferred to another factory, Penang’s trade president Abdul Halim Hussein told local news portal FMT on Thursday.

Penang in the northern Peninsula of Malaysia has been the manufacturing hub of many foreign electrical and electronics brands for decades, including Intel, Panasonic and Dell Technologies.

Sony started operations in Malaysia in October 1973, marketing, selling and servicing consumer electronics products as well as broadcast and professional products and solutions, according to its website.

The Penang plant mainly produces home audio, network Walkman, headphones and battery products, while the Selangor plant near the capital Kuala Lumpur produces LCD TV, Blu-ray player and other key components.

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