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Snapchat adds a new, free AR drawing feature within the app

Snapchat is using a new feature that will allow users to color their 3D AR effects through their face or whatever, from the app itself.

As you can see in this tweet from Snapchat's leading product, Andrew McFee, the option will allow users to use free form drawing tools, which will then be attached as 3D objects in your frame. You can use the tools in the front or rear camera, allowing you to add new effects to whatever you want.

Snapchat 3D drawing

Of course, you are limited by your creative capacity and by having your finger able to paint it on the screen (hence the examples of a simplistic type). But it's another way to get users involved in the process of creating lenses and add another element to Snape's enhanced AR options.

The addition, in fact, is not a huge jump from Snape's 3D lens world, which they started back in 2017.

With World Lens subjects, users could practically attach a 3D image of what they wanted in the frame. This new update adds more creative capacity through freelance drawing, but the idea is pretty similar.

As noted, it adds yet another element to the ever-expanding Snapshot creative AR tools. Scroll through Snap's AR Bar and you can now see not only a set of facial shift options (right) and games (left), but Snape also connects you to its community of lens collections and its lens Studio, where you can build your own AR masks and coatings.

Snapchat lens options

Despite the current challenge from Instagram, Snape has probably managed to stay one step ahead of the AR front, and facilitating community involvement has expanded its creative options. Facebook, of course, also offers tools for creating AR, but Snape, at least so far, has kept its lead in this regard, continually coming up with new, innovative and trendy AR features to keep the audience interested – and to attract new users.

This latest update does not seem to add much in this respect, but by providing another gateway for users to enter AR creation, it could help Snap attract a new set of creative options and keep it in the lead.

Also aside, it's interesting to see how TikTok continues to use Snap as part of its promotional attack, trying to attract Snap users into its app.

Snapchat TikTok lens

Snape insists that she and TikTok are "friends", but since TikTok is likely in direct competition for the same audience, it's still strange to see things like TikTok lenses in Snap.

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