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Rafida: There are other things to learn

PUTRAJAYA: Cat should not be part of the school curriculum but should be introduced as an elective subject, said former Minister Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz.

She said that instead of studying calligraphy, it is better for students to learn a language or other things to be educated.

"If it's optional, it's good because some people are into fine art. They do not do it as if to make you learn the floor; it's the most silly thing to do.

“There are other things to be learned. This (calligraphy) should be optional, "she said after giving instructions in Purdana's Discourse Series 21 series yesterday.

Rafidah said the ministry of education could make the learning floor optional to increase knowledge and promote it as part of creativity.

In his speech, Rafidah told the audience that he had written Education Minister Dr Mazlie Malik about her remarks on the floor issue.

"She is artistic and, like everything else, is a talent. We do not need such talent to be incorporated as a mandatory part of the school curriculum, "she said, adding that the current education system was already overloaded.

"Don't overload (the system) with unnecessary, frivolous entities."

The education ministry said the introduction of a floor as part of the Bahasa Melayu theme for four-year students will be implemented next year as planned.

All elementary school students will be included and will be made up of six of the 164 pages in the new Yearbook Bahaha Melayu Year Four as part of language arts activities.

Critics say the introduction of a floor will not help students improve their Malaysian language skills, adding that the burden on teachers and students should also be taken into account.

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