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Nicky Minaj changes Twitter's name to Ms Patty

Nicky Minaj continues to stir up speculation about marriage.

On Friday (August 16th), the rapper changed his name to Twitter to insinuate he is married. Instead of the standard name Nicky Minaj, Queens MJ changed the handle of Ms Patty's social media network. Patty is the surname of her boyfriend Kenneth.

Things are getting more serious than ever for a couple they've known since childhood, but only dating less than a year. Nicki first met Patty on Instagram in December. Their relationship continued to flourish.

Last month, it was revealed that they had received a marriage license in Beverly Hills courtroom in Beverly Hills, California, meaning they would have to marry within 90 days or apply for a new one. At Queen the rapper has since said she will take her surname on her boo after tying the knot.

Nicky also hinted that she was pregnant. On the chance rapper-collapse "Zangi and Fools" she reports: "If you love him, let him go, go now, I know what that means / While he was in the north for body / I punished everybody and knew my body / My home nigga now, that Clyde next to my Bonnie / "I'm starting to walk the paths and being a mom / Oh, I remember crying like," Why me? "/ Now I wouldn't trade life for Armani."

Since leaving for a European tour earlier this year, Niki is working on a new album and has recently sparked controversy in interviews with Budo Buden.

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