Sunday , January 17 2021

Navy responds to controversy over promotion of Park Bo Gum drama at concert

The Republic of Korea Navy has responded to controversy over the promotion of his play by Park Bo Gum at a public concert.

On October 27, the actor hosted ‘Korea Navy Defense Concert 2020as the first official promotional activity since its application. When he is a co-host Park Se Young asked him at the drama concert “Enrollment for youth“And his navy recruitment,” said Park Bo Gum. “I have finished my training and am now attending my first official event on jueyu island. Tonight is also the night of the Youth Record final. I hope people will adjust to the drama after enjoying tonight’s concert.” He further promoted his upcoming science fiction film ‘Seobok‘, who are also stars Gong Yo.

Because martial law states that soldiers cannot participate in lucrative jobs while serving, controversy has arisen over the promotion of his Park Bo Gum projects. An online petition was launched, stating that Park Bo Gum’s comments could be considered a for-profit activity because it could affect the visibility of his projects. However, on October 28, the Republic of Korea Navy said Park Bo Gum’s comments were not a legal matter. The Navy said, “Park Bo Gum’s statement at yesterday’s event was in response to a question from his co-host. public activities “.

Park Bo Gum enlisted for compulsory military service on August 31st, and he serves as a sailor for the Navy’s cultural promotion.

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