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Live commentary: Red Bull Salzburg 0-1 Real Madrid – as it happened

welcome to Sports Molelive text coverage of friendly between Red Bull Salzburg and Real Madrid at the Red Bull Arena in Austria.

Los Blancos have endured a season-long campaign so far, though they have beaten Atletico Madrid and Tottenham behind them last week with a win over Benfica.

Zinedine Zidane has just two more games left to play just before the new La Liga campaign, which begins with a move to Celta Vigo on 17 August.

Meanwhile, RB Salzburg has already launched its campaign for the Austrian Bundesliga and will see this as a chance to claim the big name scalp.

Keep up with all the activity as it unfolds with our detailed updates below.


Starting XI (3-4-2-1): Courtois; Militao, Varane, Ramos; Carvajal, Casemiro, Cross, Marcelo; Khazar, Isco; Benzema

SUBSCRIBE: Odriozola, De la Fuente, Navas, Nacho, Lunin, Vinicius, Vasquez, Valverde, Covic


INITIAL XI (4-4-2): Stankovic; Christensen, Ramhoo, Onguen, Ulmer; Minamino, Bernede, Samaseku, Zbobozai; Koita, Flanders

SUBSCRIBE: Farkas, Van der Werf, Waltz, Hwang, Kamara, Okugawa, Mensah, Carlos, Kon, Funuzovic, Dhaka, Ashimeru, Diara

KICKOFF: Militao is being given a Madrid debut in what appears to be a three-match lag, while his Brazilian international Casemiro is also back in club action this summer. Los Blancos looked very shaded on the back during the pre-season – will the change of staff make a difference?

One One Hazard in Action for Real Madrid on July 30, 2019© Reuters

YOU ARE! Madrid saw plenty of ball in the early stages, as expected, with Casemiro just missing the first kick of the night. The ball was throwing a fair far from the goal, with Stankovic happy to see it on the way to its position.

Ulmer's cross from the left is flashed straight through the six-yard box in Madrid, but no one in the red top can touch it. It was a bright moment for Salzburg, who should be much stronger than their opponents as their competitive season is underway.

Seven minutes into the game at the Red Bull Arena and so far there has been no great deal between the sides. He may just be friendly, but Madrid really can't afford to lose today, with questions already being asked of some of their players.

YOU ARE! Ramos and Koita collide, leading to a standstill. After the action returns and takes place, Salzburg is the fastest out of the block when Minamino plays and shoots wide of the goal. It must be lowered as half the chance.

Salzburg plays better football here. A few intricate plays on the edge of the box lead to Fland being thrown to the ground, seeming to be in contact only in the box, but the referee has none of them.

SAGA! The pressure of the home team paid off as Madrid could not really find any rhythm. The ball found its way to Benzema on the edge of the box, and if it wasn't for a brilliant Stankovic save, it would be 1-0.

It was a really good save from Stankovic to keep Benzema from five yards out, though the Frenchman had to bury his shot after being selected from Hazard's cross. Madrid has now begun to take control of the match.

Salzburg is focusing much more on defense now as Madrid continue to grow in the match. Marcelo, playing strongly on the away side in this hybrid formation 3-4-3, sends in another cross that is cleared this time.


Hazard is up and running for Madrid with a stunning strike of about 22 yards out. The Belgian played behind Benzema's back and had half the pitch to go. Instead of returning the ball to Benzema, he decided to slash it inside and get used to Stankovic's shot. Superb effort!

One Hazard celebrates with Real Madrid teammates after opening scoring against Red Bull Salzburg on 7 August 2019© Reuters

Salzburg responded quite well to the laggards. Flanders are unable to keep their header on goal, and it is a goal kick for Madrid. Hazard will feel very good about himself after that impressive solo shot.

YOU ARE! Hazard is fouled by Ramhoo from 25 yards out and Madrid have a free kick in the box. Casemiro has won the right to take over, but he is determined to be precise over power and his weak attempt is out of reach.

After 26 minutes playing in Austria, Zidane will feel that his side is a good value for their leadership. Benzema missed a good chance in front of Hazard's player, which is the difference between the sides at the moment. The home fans here create a good atmosphere.

CHANCE! 60` Good passes culminate in Ulmer, shooting the ball towards Minamino, who is unable to bypass the move at close range. He contacts everyone in order and the shot is out of order – he should really be 1-1 at the Red Bull Arena.

It was really a shocking miss to Minamino from all six yards out. Salzburg looked much better after lagging behind, with Madrid pulling back a bit. 25` It's a free kick directs a ball squarely in the box, but it's a nice kick for Kurto.

Salzburg won the ball by thrilling the pitch – not for the first time today – but Koita's curler is blocked by Casemiro. The Madrid counterpart and Benzema have a chance to shoot. The Frenchman has decided to play one or two and the attack is falling apart.

Madrid wins a corner, which Cros directs towards the edge of the sixteen box. It's crashed on Benzema, but he can't get him under control to shoot from close range. Zidane's players start knocking on the door for a second goal.

Flanders goes back to the field again, but it is thought that enough contact has not been made. Madrid controls the possession, but still their opponents enjoy many promising moments when attacking.

CHANCE! Isco is unable to break the ball for Benzema, while Madrid continue to investigate. An enormous chance falls in the moments on Hazard's path, but the Belgian still carries the ball past Ongune as if he were not there, only to refuse Stankovic one by one.

CHANCE! Hazard plays in Benzema on the sidelines, and the wing back is good. Benzema was waiting to do so, but Isco powered on to get it first, though he couldn't keep up the effort. Madrid will surely score a second before halftime.

It has been raging for a wave of attack for Real Madrid in the last seven or eight minutes. Hazard is back again, though this last shot ends in the stands. The former Chelsea man was to double the rematch from the previous chance.

Carvajal is unable to defeat his man when left one-on-one. Madrid are attacking all over Salzburg and are looking for good value for another goal. The weather is against them, though, as the halfway point is only a minute or so away.

HALF: RED Bull Salzburg 0-1 REAL MADRID

Hazard's impressive goal gave Real Madrid a 1-0 lead over Red Bull Salzburg in the semi-finals of this friendly in Austria. After a fairly balanced opening 15 minutes or more, the guests have taken control of the match and will feel they are a good value for their heavier advantage.

Stankovic produced an impressive goal-stop to deny Benzema in the 13th minute, but the Frenchman played an important part in Hazard's opening six minutes later.

Hazard played it in space from his new teammate and carried the ball for 50 yards, before slicing it to the left and bending it away from Stankovic.

Salzburg initially responded well to the failure, as Ulmer used Minamino for what was supposed to be a simple six-yard outfield finish, but he failed to find the target when he selected the unmarked.

The guests then took control of the match and could have a second before halftime, as Hazard was rejected by Stankovic from position one by one after easily carrying the ball past Onguen as Isco came close.


DETAILED MORE ON THE ROW Bull Salzburg: Farkas, Van der Werf, Waltz, Hwang, Kamara, Okugawa, Mensah, Carlos, Kon, Funuzovic, Dhaka, Ashimeru, Diara

DETAILED DETAILS Odriozola, De la Fuente, Navas, Nacho, Lunin, Vinicius, Vasquez, Valverde, Covic

Luka Jovic at his unveiling at Real Madrid on June 12, 2019© Reuters

KICKOFF: We are again in the Red Bull Arena in Austria. Zidane made a change in the interval, bringing Nacho to Militao. Salzburg seem to have changed their entire starting lineup – not so surprising as they have a big league game on the horizon.

In fact, Zidane made at least one other change since Casemiro was replaced by Valverde. There is no Gareth Bale in the squad today, with the Welshman once again being neglected for selection. What a bleak future facing the capital of Spain.

In terms of Madrid subsidies, Casemiro's and Militao's sense makes sense – this is their first match in the wake of the Copa America exploits. Los Blancos hit the ball around, but they didn't offer much of a restart.

There is far less pressure on the ball than in the first half as Madrid continues to hit the ball around. Zidane is likely to make a few more changes around the time mark, so it's time for many of these Madrid players to leave their mark on the game.

SAGA! Diara's right-footed range gives Cortos something to deal with, but it's the simplest in the middle. Salzburg enjoys great ball magic in front of its packed home audience.

YELLOW CARDS! This is much better than the home side. They really catch on to their opponents and Varane is caught on the ball by Hwang, who drives into the box. Varane defenders his opponent out of the box and receives a yellow card for winning it.

YOU ARE! Junuzovic fires a powerful shot into the box but hits one of the Madrid players in front of the goal, while Diara is unable to find the target with his attempt. Salzburg starts dominating the match, in stark contrast to the last 15 minutes of the first half.

The locals are using their fresh feet for good as they continue to upset the opposition. Zidane may be thinking about making a change or two by two-thirds of today's match. So far it has been fun friendly.

CLOSE! Dhaka approaches his spectral blow, which descends slightly above the obstacle. Zidane, who continues to carry his slim lead, brought Jovic to the scorer Hazard in the 62nd minute playing in Austria.

YELLOW CARDS! Carvajal cynically climbs to Mwepu to halt the running for office. Mwepu landed inconvenient and needs some treatment, while Carvajal is cautious about the foul. Los Blancos needs to reach the match plan.

Real Madrid player Dani Carvajal in action with Red Bull Salzburg, Seku Quita, on August 7, 2019© Reuters

Salzburg should make such pressure to consider something. They try it away and Madrid doesn't look so comfortable on the back. Zidane still wants Vinisius and Vazquez to get off the bench.

SAGA! Covic is pulled back when he demands a counterattack, and Madrid get a free kick. This can prove to be a turning point because visitors are starting to look a bit more composite at once. Benzema's shot is saved.

Home fans have stepped things up in the last 10 minutes, looking for their side to level. Based on the second half, they would deserve it. That said, Courtois only has one savings to make the whole night – and even that was pretty tame.

Madrid had 64% of the ball today, but they didn't have it all in their own way. This can be expected in many ways, as Salzburg have been a few games in their competitive campaign and they have made a whole bunch of changes in the half.

YELLOW CARDS! Farkas fouls Kroos and becomes the first home player to enter the court. Benzema's saved save five minutes ago, Madrid barely managed to create anything in the second half. Will we see Vinisius before full time?

SUBSCRIBE! Both sides make changes in the last 15 minutes of the match. Zidane brought Vasquez for Isco and Vinisius for Benzema. Will the extra firepower make a difference for the Spanish giants?

Good cross play from the right, but the shot was not present for the home side, and Courtois was quickly out of his line to pick up the ball from the next attack / Odriozola was on the sideline for Carvajal in the latest Zidane changes.

Vinisius shoots blocked at the end of a promising move for Madrid. There are 10 minutes remaining in Austria and it seems that this match has at least one more goal in it. Ashimeru's cross is cleared off the post.

SAGA! This is a great savings from Carlos's deputy! Covic put the ball in the shot and used his chances to find the net, though the corner was a little off against him, but Carlos went down low to defend the shot.

YELLOW CARDS! Nacho is cautioned against stopping a counter attack. Valverde was booked for a similar violation about five minutes ago – perhaps this is something Zidane told his players. Visitors are certainly not afraid to do the dirty work.

The match is broken up by consecutive fouls at both ends of the pitch. Salzburg has lost its way a little in the last five minutes, but still have time to grab an equalizer in the remaining seven minutes or so.

Salzburg got a free kick just outside the box and Junuzovic takes it. It is not the worst attempt you will see, but Courtois watched it all the way through and made a routine to save quite a lot in the middle.

Three minutes were added at the end of the Red Bull Arena match. Vinicius has one thing on his mind when he picks up the ball on the edge of the opposition area, but cannot get away from his man and Salzburg clears the ball.

Madrid took a free kick high on the pitch to eat more valuable seconds. The ball is drawn into the air, but does not come down to hit the away player. 60 seconds remain, but it seems Salzburg had no idea to overthrow Los Blancos.


Real Madrid beat Red Bull Salzburg 1-0 in their penultimate pre-season friendly thanks to Eden Hazardfirst goal of the club.

The Belgian forward slipped in from the left after a corner in the 19th minute.

Hazard missed one-on-one later in the first half, but in the end it didn't matter because Salzburg couldn't take the rare openings that fell in their way.

This concludes Sports Molelive coverage of events from the Red Bull Arena. A report can be found click here, and don't forget to join us again in about four hours time to cover Barcelona's Napoli friendship in Florida. See you then!

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