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HyperX's first wireless charging devices are now on sale

HyperX's first wireless gaming mouse, the PulseFire Dart, is now available to buy. As well as supporting charging via a USB cable, the mouse can also be wirelessly charged via the standard Qi wireless. HyperX is also shipping its Qi wireless charging pad, the ChargePlay Base, which is capable of charging up to two devices simultaneously at 10W.

The advantage of using the common Qi standard is that you can charge the PulseFire Dart using any existing Qi chargers you may have, and may also be able to use HyperX's charging pad with your phone if it supports the standard. However, the charging pad is small, so unlike some wireless charging mouse pads, you will be able to use your mouse as it charges. HyperX says you should get 50 hours of mousing out of a single charge, but no mention of how long it takes the wireless charging pad to fully recharge the PulseFire Dart.

HyperX's first wireless mouse joins an increasingly wide array of other mice that support wireless charging, though each manufacturer's implementation is slightly different. Logitech's PowerPlay mouse charging mat, for example, lets you use your mouse as it charges, but it uses its own proprietary standard so there's no chance of using it to charge your phone either. The Corsair's MM1000 mouse mat uses Qi, but you have to place your mouse over the wireless charging logo on the top right of the mouse mat to be able to charge, so you can use it as it charges. Finally the Razer HyperFlux mouse and mouse pad which uses proprietary wireless tech allows it to forego the mouse's batteries completely, meaning they can be as light as a regular wired mouse. Each approach has its own strengths and weaknesses, and none of them are completely perfect.

HyperX announced a Qi-compatible headset alongside the PulseFire Dart back in August. The Cloud Flight S Wireless Gaming Headset is scheduled for release in the first quarter of next year, and HyperX claims it will offer 30 hours of battery life before you need to charge it, wirelessly or otherwise. Since the ChargePlay Base can charge two devices simultaneously, eventually you should be able to use it to charge your mouse and headset at the same time on the pad.

HyperX's Pulsefire Dart and ChargePlay Base are both available now. The PulseFire Dart wireless mouse costs $ 99, while the charging pad costs $ 59.

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