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Divers discover 800 pounds of iPhone X on the lake in a water sports park – and it still works

A team of divers discovered an iPhone X £ 800 in a lake at the water airport – and it still worked despite falling two days earlier.

Professional divers have been tasked with finding the phone dropped off at Long Lake Eaton Sports by Brad Beach staff, Nottinghamshire Live reported.

Warren Palmer, 44, his wife Shell, 44, and Saskatchewan Anthony Hunstock, 24, found the phone submerged at a depth of 4 meters in the aqua park.

Mr Hanstock said: "We have made a little plan for this network.

“But I dropped out of the course a bit and as I hit the bottom, I reached the phone.

"I grabbed him and pressed the home button and he turned on. The screen lit up and he had missed his grandfather's call.

“I was screaming under the water. It was amazing that it was still functioning after two days. "

Anthony Hunstock and Warren Palmer discovered the iPhone X in the lake

The phone was lost two days earlier by an employee

Mr. Brake dropped him into the lake a few days before he was at work.

Mr Hanstock said: "Brad thanked us after and said we saved about £ 800 in insurance for the phone.

"They gave us exclusive rights to the lake. So anyone who goes to the course and misses something can only call us.

"The lake was so dark, we never managed to find anything else on the day."

Mr. Hanstock picture in the water

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The divers have their own YouTube channel "Underwater Hunters" where they share footage of their divers – and have more than 600 subscribers.

Brad, the iPhone owner, said: "I am massively calling on these guys to find my iPhone X that has been under water for two days and is working absolutely fine.

"Give them a sequel and share their love for underwater hunters."

The water center is owned by Mansfield Katie and Richard Hill, both 40, who said they wanted the venue to become one of the best wake-up centers in the country.

The Spring Lake Waterfront Center is open to the public on Saturday and is the site of the former American Adventure theme park.

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