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Calls for withholding of Wong's degree 'vengeful, childish'

YOURSAY| 'These are not professors but purveyors of Malay / Muslim supremacy and nothing else.'

UM has the right to withhold degree cert – National Professors Council

Gerard Lourdesamy: Why should taxpayers fund an organization that is racist in nature and with zero integrity?

These are not professors but purveyors of Malay / Muslim supremacy and nothing else.

National Professors Council (MPN) president Raduan Che Rose should be reminded that a degree cannot be revoked by a university after it is awarded unless the student is guilty of fraud or dishonesty in connection with his course work.

Protocol is not the law. Show me a single provision in the Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA) 1971 that prohibits the exercise of freedom of speech under Article 10 of the Constitution in relation to a convocation ceremony.

When the vice-chancellor (VC) of a public university is allegedly a racist, do not expect students to show respect and deference to such a despicable person in any capacity.

The MPN is nothing but an anti-non-Malay body. It wants non-Malays to be treated as a sub-class of citizens promising their fascist notions of Malay supremacy in this country contrary to the Constitution.

Where were these so-called professors when Malays / Muslims looted this country in the 1MDB, Felda, Tabung Haji and Mara scandals under the Umno / BN government?

Anonymous_b3cdcd05: Yes, Raduan doesn't make sense. He says universities have a right to hold a degree according to what the student had done.

Is he saying the professors' council is all-powerful to make its own rules, pass judgment on students and punish them as it fits?

Is the council the prosecutor, judge and jury? Don't students have an avenue to state their case and defend themselves?

What about the misconduct of the professors themselves? Is Raduan contending that they are free agents and not subject to disciplinary proceedings?

Specifically, in the case of alleged racist demands and threats by Universiti Malaya VC, he has allegedly committed a serious crime against the university and its multiracial students.

Not only has he abused his public position but has caused divisions and disharmony by his alleged racist demands at the recent Malay Dignity Congress.

Is Raduan contending that students are just supposed to stomach all the nonsense and not show any sign of protest? Is this a university that imparts knowledge or some political institution indoctrinating racist ideologies?

Anonymous_1cfb3ab6: How about revoking the local university acceptance of the student who was convicted of child porn in England?

Remember Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin?

He is a 23-year-old Mara scholarship student who was studying at Imperial College, UK and was nabbed with over 30,000 photographs and videos of child pornography.

After serving a reduced sentence – from 18 months to nine – in a British prison, Nur Fitri was extradited back to Malaysia.

Now, it is reported that he is studying for his PhD at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).

So Raduan, what does your council's rules and regulations say? Or does the council practice double standards in your written and unwritten rules and regulations?

Anonymous_f34cda3a: Please prove to us that what UM student activist Wong Yan Ke did warrants holding back his degree.

The only thing he did was hold up a placard to question the uncalled-for statements made by his vice-chancellor, Abdul Rahim Hashim.

Show that the student is wrong, but simply go to the police. You call yourself the National Professors' Council but you can't figure out a simple and logical solution to handle this issue in a dignified way.

Ipoh PP: The student worked hard and the prize for his hard work is the degree he was awarded. UM has no business withholding his degree for flimsy reasons. He has not committed a crime. If he has, then take it to court.

However, the VC is supposed to be a role model for students. However, he was not. He attended a forum, especially for one particular race and allegedly made racist comments. His conduct alone should guarantee his resignation or immediate sacking.

Fair Play: When a student graduates, he has met all the requirements for the degree to be awarded to him. Why hold back his degree that he has worked so hard for?

If you dare, why not settle the matter in court? Let's see if your written and unwritten rules and regulations would stand up in court.

JD Lovrenciear: What kind of National Professors' Council is this?

The president should not take refuge under "unwritten" rules. Please stop this vengeful, childish convoluted and blinkered stance.

Give the student what he earned. If you want to take any action, let the police decide if it has caused a public disorder.

Darmakochi: National Professors' Council, go and check yourselves in the nearest mirrors to see if you deserve to be called professors. Don't blindly give your support for what happened.

I graduated from UM in 1975 when Royal Professor Ungku Abdul Aziz was the vice-chancellor.

If he were around, he would not have attended that conference, knowing very well this multiracial country and the composition of students at UM is also multiracial.

Raduan, the professors in your council ought to upgrade themselves academically and intellectually to be worthy of respect and not blindly blind, just to the support of a fellow professor.

Our beloved nation is spiraling downwards in all aspects and now this is to be added to the list.

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