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Another Melaka exco arrested for LTTE link? I'm just a cat lover, says Norhizam

MELAKA: Speculation that another Melaka exco member is being detained for alleged terrorism links fizzled out after the "suspect" emerged before newsmen waited for a major newsbreak.

Journalists camped out at the state administration hub, Seri Negeri, from 8.45pm on Wednesday (0ct 16) after rumors circulated that Datuk Norhizam Hassan Baktee had been arrested in connection with the Tamil Tiger terror group.

However, it turned out that the reason the Melaka police came to Seri Negeri was to take Norhizam's statement after he lodged a report against a cop for viral video talking to police officers at the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters.

"I do not know who is spreading the ridiculous message that I am also a top commanding officer for the Tamil Tiger Elam (LTTE) and that the police in tactical gears surround Seri Negeri to detain me," said the state Agriculture, Agro-Based Chairman, Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative Committee.

"I also saw some Opposition leaders waiting eagerly outside the Seri Negeri entrance, hoping to see me handcuffed," he said.

According to Norhizam, he lodged a police report against the police officer after a 38-second video footage of him talking to a police officer at a Kuala Lumpur police contingent was viralized.

Norhizam said he was looking for a cafeteria at the police headquarters when the officer said he was entering a prohibited area in the incident which took place at 2.30pm on Wednesday (Oct 16). "

"I was in discussion with him when he told a staff member to get handcuffs. It's a trivial matter but blown out of proportion after the video went viral," he said.

Norhizam said taking photos and videos was prohibited inside a police station but the police personnel member did not heed this rule.

"I lodged a police report at the Ayer Keroh police station just after returning to Melaka at 7pm," he said.

Norhizam said his visit to the police station was part of a welfare effort by the state government to assist the family of Detained Unity, Human Resources and Consumerism Committee chairman G. Saminathan, who was detained by the Bukit Aman Counter Terrorism Unit on Oct. 10.

"I was in Kuala Lumpur with several state officials and Saminathan's family members.

"Unfortunately, my foe linked me to LTTE.

"I want to tell them, I'm just a cat lover," he added.

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