Tuesday , January 19 2021

aespa introduces its virtual member system in an interview with Karina and her colleague, рина-Karina

SM funthe upcoming debut group of girls Aespa just revealed more details about their system of virtual members!

Shortly after introducing the 2nd member of aespa, Karina, on October 28, SM Entertainment now presented a special interview film featuring Karina and her virtual colleague, Karina-Карина!

In ‘Mine, Karina“In a teaser film interview above, Karina and K-Karina sit down together to recall their first meeting, how they were connected to each other with the help of a mysterious third figure, Навис.

Judging by this first joke about the unique universe of the asp story, it seems that aesp can consist of a mix of real-life counter parts and virtual members!

Do you better understand the aespa system with the interview of Karina and My-Karina “My, Karina”?

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