Sunday , October 24 2021

Psychological Aid for Cancer Survivors

The mission of the Cancer Support Network is to provide cancer survivors with the tools they need to live a better quality living. The mission of the CA Cancer Control and Prevention Program is “to help people living with cancer cope with the challenges of this disease.” The network offers tools that offer hope to cancer patients who are in the initial stages of cancer. The resources include the Web site Cancer Relief, which gives details about the condition as well as treatment options; the group called Touching Therapy, which provides details on massage therapy and alternative therapies; the organization that is national in name Acute Stress Disorders Education Inc., which provides training and other resources on various issues that deal with stress-related ailments like cancer. Other resources from this network comprise the phone hotline, the hot line, and the peer support group.

It is also the Adams County Firefighters Association also helps in helping to pay for the medical bills of those firefighters with cancer or are going through cancer treatment. The association’s medical committee for firefighters provides an online newsletter called Cancer Care provided free of charge. The magazine contains articles on with cancer diagnosis, treatment, symptoms, and financial sources. The website of the group has a comprehensive list of firefighters in the area, as well as a contact emergency number, and a volunteerism section, where nurses, clergy and pharmacists can share details about their cancer-related volunteering. It is also home to a fund that provides National Cancer Society also sponsors a fund that offers cash to families of victims who have wage garnishments placed on their wages due to treatment for cancer or who are struggling to make their mortgage payments because of cancer treatment.

The Heroes for Cancer Fund is an initiative that is part of American Cancer Society that provides money and support to the families of those diagnosed with cancer. The program serves families in every part of the United States by providing grants to pay for expenses, provide medical assistance and help for living expenses. Through this program, families are able to get assistance with paying household bills, utility bills, and other expenses while receiving treatment. The service is also available to assist in the process of finding a job, as well as conducting job counseling and referral towards local assistance groups.

For cancer patients who live outside in the United States, a cancer support group can provide a wealth of support from peers and emotional support. There are national networks of such individuals, as well as local chapters of organizations that provide support groups for their region. There is the Emotional Freedom Support Group (EFSG), founded by Phyllis Frye, is an organization that provides a nationwide gathering place for cancer survivors, spouses, and family members to discuss their thoughts, feelings and stories. The EFSG provides online meetings as well as hotlines on the phone. A cancer support network might have local sections of the American Cancer Society or the Armed Forces Cancer Foundation, which offers national programs to help support those who have survived cancer.

If a cancer support network is not able to assist you with assistance outside of the country you reside in you can still try to seek out practical and emotional assistance locally. You might consider looking for a spiritual leader, a doctor, a therapist, or a cancer survivor in your area. These individuals might have good suggestions on how to deal with the emotional issues of being a cancer survivor particularly if you are from a very different culture. It is also helpful to talk with those whom you know who have gone affected by cancer, whether as patients or as survivors to learn what strategies they’ve discovered to assist them with their own mental well-being and healing.

Cancer can be overwhelming for any person. Finding a place to turn to for guidance, information as well as physical and emotional treatment can provide a huge boost in overcoming this difficult time. Whether you look for local services through the support group or online community, make sure you’re not on your own in your battle to recovery. There are many sources of support for cancer patients online, both groups and free of charge. Everyone should not go through cancer alone.