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Žydrūnas Savickas reborn after rumors of infidelity – open: "You won't break me so easily" | Names

The life of J. Savikas, winner of the title of best world hero, is like wings today. An athlete spends four months traveling from one place to another and returns to his homeland for the remaining eight months.

Still, he likes that lifestyle, and especially when he laughs, he doesn't have to cook, wash the floor or mow the grass. By the way, during the picnics we won't see his wife Jurgita beside her husband. According to ūydrūnas, he usually travels to work alone, but when the opportunity arises, he and his wife fly.

Traveling the world without his wife Jurgita

In recent years, the celebrity athlete has traveled more than the world during his busiest years in his career. He says these trips are not recreational. Participates in competitions and conducts seminars.

Savik is currently traveling to Dubai and will have to visit two more countries and eventually return to Lithuania in two months. Every athlete has the unique opportunity to see more than one charming culture and unique traditions.

Photographs by the organizers of Elvis Caldaris and Savikas Classic / Savikas Classic 2017, the 6th International Power Force Tournament held in Vilnius this weekend.

Photographs by the organizers of Elvis Caldaris and Savikas Classic / Savikas Classic 2017, the 6th International Power Force Tournament held in Vilnius this weekend.

"Since I'm in Australia and New Zealand, I've been doing seminars on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and the rest of the day when I'm traveling. I got used to living in a suitcase and I really like it. The home needs cooking, floor washing and grass cutting. When you stay in a hotel, everything is ready. For me, traveling is a real pleasure. " 15min Savikas shared his thoughts on travel

Asked by an athlete whether he travels the world with his wife, he did not hide the fact that such trips are only occasional. Spouses only get together if opportunities allow. According to him, if Jurgita were traveling together, she would have no job and would only be his companion.

Photo: Scanpix / ūydrūnas Savickas and Jurgita Savickienė

Photo: Scanpix / ūydrūnas Savickas and Jurgita Savickienė

"At the beginning of our knowledge I was a professional athlete and I have flown many times so that we can now easily resolve the issue. If I was always at home and suddenly realized that I wanted to travel the world, it would be stressful, "the athlete says.

Žydrūnas reveals that their two families with Jurgita do not stray far from the emotional outbreaks of the Italians. The man himself is from Birshai, so he describes himself as a man of a colder nature.

"I pour my emotions into the gym and try not to clash. Also, over time, I improve and learn. When I was younger, I was more emotional, but now I have learned to weigh, to think. I think everything is gone, time just puts everything in its place. There is no need to get angry too early, ”the man said.

According to the athlete, every family has better and worse stages. He does not believe that people who have lived together for 40 years have never been angry. And now they see even a strange tendency – often people do not appreciate their partner, they begin to consider it a real thing, that when they are tired of divorce, they change to a new one.

“I've heard a lot of conversations on this topic and usually the second husband or second wife is just as bad. Therefore, I see no sense in changing a partner. A person can live really long. You just have to appreciate that person and not treat him as something, "Savikas said.

"If marriage is a job, it's better to be unemployed"

Everyone looks at marriage with different eyes, but the athlete disagrees that two people should be considered a job. He argues that this is not a matter of mere communication.

“There are times when people get to know each other very quickly and there is an immediate passion between them. However, when the passion disappears, it turns out that there was no love, and he wants to seek a new passion. I think people are often in a hurry to get married. I'm a longtime friend, and I got married when I was over 30 years old. I never hurried. Only when I'm late I'm in a hurry, ”laughs the athlete.

And indeed, Zidranas is in no hurry. Nine years have passed since his marriage to Jurgita, but the family still has no children. According to the athlete, these things depend on priorities and he himself is not sure if he would ever want to have children.

"Well, the rhythm of my life was like that, I traveled a lot. When it comes to creating a family, the kids would miss me. And if they grow up without their parents, they grow up little or nothing. Some parents think they spend five minutes with their child, but I really wouldn't want that, "the man said.

Photo: Scanpix / ūydrūnas Savickas and Jurgita Vorobjovaitė in 2008

Photo: Scanpix / ūydrūnas Savickas and Jurgita Vorobjovaitė in 2008

"I would not give up my childhood career. I think when a child comes to life, you educate him and let him go. There are many who transfer all their energy to them and do not live their own lives. The most important thing is to show them attention and love, without regulating what to learn, how to like it, "says the strongest man on the planet.

People don't talk about dreams, they talk about gossip

True, Savik's existence, traveling around the world, is not just a sport. The man is also involved in other activities, including business and former affairs at the Vilnius Council, where he has worked in the fields of culture, education and sports. The athlete explains this decision with the simplest answer – he was curious.

“I wonder what to learn and learn. I read a lot of books and the first hobby in my childhood was reading books. Later I started practicing and reading less, but now I try to remember every book on my journey.

If I don't, I read about all sorts of psychological stuff on the Internet. Now these things make us think about things because the world is going in the wrong direction. Growe is a growing generation who will not be able to write by hand, "the athlete said.

Shortly afterwards, Savik spoke of the unstoppable failure of society to constantly talk to each other. He thinks that most people who do not have a personal life do so and it is much easier to talk about another person.

Photo: Julius Kalinsky / 15min / Žydrūnas Savickas

Photo: Julius Kalinsky / 15min / Žydrūnas Savickas

"And in my surroundings, there are people watching TV and not sitting down to talk about dreams or values. They discuss what others said, did, or went somewhere.

I do not pay attention to it because I have grown thick and thick skin over the years. Therefore, no one can influence me anymore. You can write whatever you want for me, but it's difficult because I don't drink, I don't take drugs, I don't rush, ”Savikas said.

He claims that rumors about him in the media a year ago only further tested the relationship and its robustness. Zidranas is sure that the relationship will fail only if the couple has no relationship.

"Of course, it is still uncomfortable to find someone in such situations. Of course, Jurgita is harder on her emotions. But that can't break me, because if I were weak, I wouldn't have the name of the strongest man in the world.

I try to be jealous in life. People don't love the truth, so when you set an example, they can no longer ignore you, "the athlete said.

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