Tuesday , January 26 2021

When she arrived at the emergency department at the Kaunas clinics, the man at the door was told he would not be allowed to enter.

Already in front of the door, the person was told that the institution would not be able to receive him.

He was not admitted to the emergency department

The editor of the news portal tv3.lt was approached by the reader Arinjas Budrevicius, who said that he had been complaining of stomach pains for some time.

“I need stomach surgery. Found safe during an ultrasound in October, but no one called again. “I waited a month and I’m getting worse,” the tv3.lt reader said.

The man said that on October 19, due to severe abdominal pain, he decided to go to the emergency department of clinics in Kaunas, but did not accept.

“I was expelled from the admission department at the clinic. “The nurses have already said at the door that they will not accept because there are so many patients.” Budrevicius.

Clinics in Kaunas

The clinic has not seen such a person

Karolina Raskauskien, chief specialist of the communication service of the clinics in Kaunas from the hospital of health sciences at the University of Lithuania, informed that the person is not registered in the emergency department.

“There is no other information about his arrival at the Emergency Department. “After interviewing the staff who worked that day, none of them remembered the man in question or the situation that the patient would not be admitted to the emergency department for some reason.”

The communications specialist said all scheduled surgeries in the surgery department were currently on hold.

“Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 infection at the Kaunas Clinic Surgery Clinic in October, all elective surgeries were suspended in the department, except for urgent and necessary oncology surgeries,” Rashkushkaiti said.

Clinics in Kaunas

An epidemic has been recorded

An epidemic of Covid-19 infection was reported in mid-October at the Kaunas Clinic Surgery Clinic – the virus was confirmed in 11 patients and 2 staff.

“After confirming the Covid-19 infection at the Kaunas Clinic Surgery Clinic, we took all necessary steps to prevent the infection from spreading and therefore discontinued the planned accommodation in the clinics in this building,” the hospital said in a statement on its profile. Facebook.

The planned admission of patients in eight profile clinics was interrupted. Visits to patients throughout the hospital are also prohibited.

Although work is scheduled to resume on October 19, all planned operations in the unit are still suspended.

Clinics in Kaunas

The nature of the consultation is decided by the doctor

With the introduction of quarantine in the country, the work of health institutions has also changed. There are no strict prohibitions, but due to the epidemiological situation, doctors are able to decide how to receive a patient and whether he should really be admitted.

The specialist who provides outpatient services for personal health care, after assessing the health condition of the patient, will make a decision on how to provide services that best suits the interests of the patient.

As Minister Aurelia Veriga assured, this does not have to be a long-distance consultation, but the situation with Covid-19 can change.

It is emphasized that only in rooms where treatment with Covid-19 is provided, planned care can be proportionately limited to ensure compliance with the principles set out above.

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