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Violeta Tarasovijevic cited her husband's habit as the most irritating

Studio guests – singers Vilius and Violeta Tarasova, actor Leonard Pobedonosev with wife Ieva Shabane and host Dainius Palivonas with wife Svetlana – dare to tell each other what upsets them at home, the statement said.

Ieva Shaban has revealed that she is crazy about her husband's habit of wearing a backpack, which is almost life-long. "As a young child, he always goes with his backpack. The backpack has everything imaginable: needles, medicines, various strings, food and much more. Back home, Leo slaps his backpack anywhere – on the couch, on the floor like an eternal student, "Eva said.

Svetlana Palivone described her husband's most unpleasant habit as being late and sitting in front of a computer. "He's sitting at the computer until the last minute. He should always congratulate everyone, write them down. His ten minutes usually turn into half an hour, so I always add an extra hour when we have to show up at one place or another, "Svetlana said.

Violeta Tarasovijevic said she was most upset by human things. “For William, our living room chairs replace the closet. He has the clothes to carry the dog, these are the chairs, just like his sports clothes. I always find a mirror toothpaste at home. I don't admit who did it at home and I have to deal with it. Most surprising is when Vilius takes the dishes out of the dishwasher or takes the vacuum cleaner in his hands. This is the cosmos, "said the well-known singer.

What dares Vilius Tarasov not to tell Violetova that Dain Palivon misses her home the most and what feminine weakness of his wife annoys Leonard Pobedonosev? Funny and unexpected encounters between famous couples – on the LNK "VIDEO VIDEO" show.

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