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The last stage of cancer is a sick woman: I would like to cover my Christmas tables with my children

The beautiful mother of three children, Rasha Vetekuniniene, hardly collects the words. However, a woman is difficult to diagnose stage 4 cancer four years ago, but also because of the unwanted effects of treatment – the woman became difficult to talk and to drink and eat.

About 10 years ago, a woman felt that her mouth had tenderness – over time she began to hurt, and to keep her jaw smooth, R. Vaitechunien would have to make more and more effort. The 47-year-old lady had no doubt that this could be a serious illness.

However, only after about six years of medical research – the results of the biopsy showed nothing, and in the woman's mouth experienced more severe and painful ulcers – in 2014, the woman was diagnosed with cell carcinoma of the platelet cell from phase 4 (throat cancer – aut.past.).

R. Vaitekunienė was prescribed chemotherapy. Then, there was a year and a half remission (progression of the disease was stopped – aut.past.), And in 2016 the disease returned. Now, doctors say that the woman's condition is stable, but the interlocutor does not agree with her – is getting worse. Asked why there were no written doctors for further medical recommendations for treatment, the woman confirmed the Doctor Consul's conclusions by Thursday morning.

"All chemotherapy techniques have already been tested, I was irradiated 32 times," the woman said, adding that the last time chemotherapy lasted 14 months and this is no longer possible. Radiation of cancer cells also causes side effects.

"There is no nasal septum, so I can hardly drink, because everything goes through my nose, I have to press it." It's also difficult to talk. "" I have to eat food before consuming soup. "I am a good doctor for pain," explains 47-year-old woman.

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On Sunday night, a woman told her story about the disease on the social network Facebook. "During that time I had a lot to survive, but in any case … In spite of everything, I want to live without reason. The doctors tested everything possible and I thanked them! Unfortunately, today I have no treatment in Lithuania. I want to use it for no reason. I feel ashamed to seek help, but … I just want to have a Christmas table for my three children in these, others, even next year. Help me if you have the opportunity and I will be grateful for your prayers … My profile number: Rasa Vaitekūnienė, LT727300010001748931, Swedbank. In the department of destination, but enter: for treatment, "wrote R. Vaitikunien, who shares the medical records.

A woman on Wednesday told the portal that photodynamic therapy was being carried out in Germany. "Injecting a special fluid into the vein, cancer cells cancer cells feed and then the laser destroys those cancer cells," explains the speaker in a language understandable to people who do not have medical education. – Treatment will cost about 12 thousand. Free space is in early January. By then, I had to submit more documents, I did not sign treatments for treatment, because I had no money. "By saying these words, there is a tearful tear in the eyes of a woman. I'm glad they are out of luck.

"Until Wednesday, people have already donated more than half the amount needed. When I saw the amount of the phone screen, I was shocked. People who are unknown and close are united and paid money for my treatment," – the beauty of the people is surprised by the woman. According to the interlocutor, she had earlier tried to sacrifice the victims and financial support for compatriots, but she never thought that such assistance would be required.

The nationality of the people became the greatest Christmas present. Perhaps I can see how the son of the eighth pupil will finish the school.

Three or two adult and 13-year-old sons – my mother says that for good hearts, she will moan and infect the candles. And she believes that a woman-a husband has left the family after learning about his wife's illness-support is needed only to fight the disease.

"To live from to inheriting incapacity and alimony supplements, which still earns a daughter. I devote a lot of money to dietary supplements, so that the body leaves no room for chemotherapy and limited food choices. I really want to have sauerkraut, but I can not eat it – I'm afraid of it, they hurt my mouth. That's why I have to carefully pick up the food, "the woman says, that she is currently feeling relatively good, but heals the cheek of tissues and jaw.

Guess what the factors of a woman cause this disease is unlikely to be meaningless. However, R. Vaitekunine lost even a few close people whose lives were endemic to various types of oncological diseases – mothers, fathers, grandmothers, aunt. "Oral cancer is often a problem for smokers and alcohol users, but I have never had such harmful habits. Thousands of factors can cause this disease," the woman says.

At the end of the conversation, who wanted to successfully overcome the disease, R. Vaitekunienė's voice was overwhelmed by the wisdom of hope: "People's nationality has become the greatest Christmas present. Perhaps I can see how a boy in the eighth grade will finish the school" .

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