Sunday , October 17 2021

Shanghai Art Festival is a great scene for the presentation of Lithuanian culture

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of regaining independence in 2020 and celebrating the widest possible presentation of its culture in the world, Lithuania will be able to take part in the International Art Festival in Shanghai with special public rights.

The terms of participation and the program were discussed during a meeting with the President of the International Art Festival in Shanghai Catherine J. Wang, Minister of Culture Liana Ruokytė-Jonsson.

The Minister of Culture, who was in the middle of a working visit to Shanghai, said that in two years' time at the festival Lithuania would like to present more details about his dance art, theater and music. "The Shanghai Festival of Culture is one of the most appropriate scenes for this: In recent years, cultural ties between Lithuania and China have significantly strengthened, and although a significant number of Lithuanian representatives of culture and art have already participated in the Shanghai Art Festival last year, we will try to reach to the largest possible number of different artistic and creative industries at the festival in 2020, "said Minister Ruokytė-Jonsson. "We consider the Shanghai Art Festival as one of the best-organized events of this type in the entire East Asian region and we are ready to make the most of its opportunities for our culture and artists."

The president of the festival C. J. Wang noted that its organizers are well known in Lithuania, successfully participating in international cultural festivals, as well as in ongoing China.

Shanghai International Arts Festival is important for artists, creators of culture and organization. The fairs are held with the participation of Chinese and foreign stage and concert artists. Visitors to the fair visit producers, theaters and festivals as well as other artists from the entire Chinese arts industry. Extreme national public side, 2020 Lithuania should become part of the world, creating conditions for a more comprehensive presentation – not only in the field of culture, but also in business, tourism and other areas. Therefore, according to the Minister of Culture, preparations for the festival will require a coordinated effort of several ministries.

The aim of 2020 is to present as many details as possible to the representatives of the International Film Festival in Shanghai in Lithuania and other Baltic countries – Latvia and Estonia. This festival, for the first time organized in 1993, has grown to the highest category of the International Film Festival and is one of the largest in East Asia. During the conversation, it was agreed that a special program will be devoted to Baltic cinematography in 2020.

During his visit, Minister L. Ruokytė-Jonsson also met with Shanghai's artistic director at the Shanghai Tian Shui Drama Center and discussed theater cooperation by organizing tours, inviting directors and other joint projects.

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