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Ritas Bleeding suffered the biggest defeat ever against Zalgiris / Vesti


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Kaunas “Zalgiris” (9-1) won the ninth victory in the Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL).

Martin Schiller’s students at home 92:45 (23:11, 22:11, 27:11, 20:12) broke the “Morning” of Vilnius (7-4).

It was the biggest victory of “Zalgiris” in the history of each other. The people of Kaunas were devastated In the morning they improved by as much as 47 points Met in 2009The record was set in the final of LKL “Ritas”, when Vilnius broke the basketball players of the temporary capital by 42 points.

Andrew Goodellock, Maurice Ndur, Arnas Butkevicius, Rox Gastis and Ryan Boatright could not help the capital team in this match due to injuries and the consequences of the COVID-19 virus.

In the second half, Steve Vasturia, a legionnaire from Zalgiris, suffered a knee injury and did not show up for the warm-up after a long break.

Zalgiris started the match better, gaining an advantage of 12 points after the lead of Paulius Jankanias by two points (20: 8). Uleckas soon scored a triple (20:11), but in the last seconds of the first half, Lucas Lekavicius answered at the same time and “Zalgiris” took the lead after 10 minutes at 23:11.

Schiller’s students started the second half with 9: 1, punished the bleeding “Morning” under the basket and became defeating after the passing of Martin Geben (32:12). The basketball players of the capital tried to make friends even after Augustas Margiulionis approached the colon at 16 points (32:16) , but Kaunas, who moved to a higher speed and had an advantage of 23 points before the long break after the lead of Thomas Vokup by three points (45:22).

After a long pause, the look of the page did not change. At the beginning of the third quarter, “Zalgiris” organized a part 20: 2 and after Lecavicius the difference in the colon reached 41 point (65:24). The fourth quarter became a formality. The founders of Zalgiris kept their advantage and celebrated the victory.

Lekavicius was the most useful player in Zalgiris. The defender scored 17 points (7/7 seconds, 1/1 penalty) in 18 minutes, reacted and took 1 ball, made 4 assists and scored 20 useful points.

Most of Rito’s team was scored by Martinas Ehodas, who scored 10 points in 25 minutes (3/11 seconds, 4/8 penalties), reacted 8 and took 1 ball, blocked 3 throws and scored 15 useful points.

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During the match

0: 0, 1 min: The dispute is won by the hosts.
2: 2, 1 min: Ejod opens the sword with a large intestine. Grigonis answers at the same time.
4: 2, 2 min: Unsportsmanlike conduct by Edo. Grigonis imposes penalties.

Jonas Miklovas, journalist of in the arena in Aalgiris
Martinas Ehodas, Ritas’s only center today, earned an unsportsmanlike conduct at the start of the match. After contact with Grigonis, he seems to have reminded them of Zalgiris on the leg, which stretched his ankle. Beloved, Grigonis soon recovered from the pain and resumed the match.

6: 2, 3 min: Grigonis continues to score points.
6: 2, 4 min: Unsporting foul punishes Geben. Ehod lost both sentences.
6: 4, 4 min: Radjevicius opens with a large intestine.
8: 4, 5 min: Geben is dressed from above. Vasturia reluctantly leaves the field.

Jonas Miklovas, journalist of in the arena in Aalgiris
Steve Vasturia ran to the left of the basket after breaking through to the basket and soon asked for a replacement. During a one-minute break, he remains under the supervision of Dr. Vitautas Kailius, who wraps his knees in ice.

8: 4, 6 min: Marekas Blazevicius appears on the field for the first time against his former team.
10: 4, 6 min: Yokubaitis imposes fines.

14: 6, 6 min: Girdzinias takes both free throws. Lekavicius responds to two floateriais.
16: 8, 8 min. Two more points by Lekavicius. Bishkauskis responds with fines.

Jonas Lekshas, ​​ journalist at the arena in Zalgiris
Another awkward episode of the match. Martinas Echodas hit Rokas Jokubaitis in the face while fighting for the ball in the elbow. After the shot, the player barely gets up from the floor and is forced to leave the field.

20:11, 9 min: Points by Jankenas and Blazevicius. Ulek answers with a triple.
23:11, 10 min: Lekavicius jumps three.

Zalgiris: Lucas Lekavicius 9, Marius Grigonis 6, Martinas Gebenas, Rokas Jokubaitis, Steve Vasturia and Marekas Blazevicius 2 each.

“Morning”: Lucas Uleckas 3, Martinas Echodas, Gitis Radzevicius, Mindaugas Girdzinias and Dovis Bishkauskis 2 each.

25:11, 11 min: Jankenas colon.

30:12, 12 min: Yokubaitis spikes threesome.
32:12, 13 min: Geben’s colon.
32:14, 14 min: Tandem of Margiulionis and Radzevicius.
32:16, 14 min: Raid on Marshulionis. Schiller requests a meeting.
32:16, 15 min: LKL debuts Adas Shimonis.
34:16, 15 min:
Yokubaitis realizes both punishments.
36:17, 16 min: Yokubaitis parachute to Geben, which puts from above.
39:20, 17 min: Kits for three points. Lukoishnas responds at the same time.
39:22, 19 min: Ehodas sumeta abi bauda.
45:22, 19 min: Milas gritted a threesome. Long throw adds Walkup.

Zalgiris: Lucas Lekavicius 11, Rokas Jokubaitis 7, Marius Grigonis and Martinas Gebenas 6 each, Paulius Jankanias 4.

“Morning”: Martinas Echodas 6, Gitis Radzevicius 4, Lucas Uleckas and Christianas Kitsingas 3 each.

Jonas Miklovas, journalist of in the arena in Aalgiris
Steve Vasturia did not even warm up during the long break and will obviously not play today. True, today is not too much and it is necessary – “Morning” is too bloody to cause it.

48:24, 22 min: Vokap opens the second half of the match with a stick for three points. The echo reacts with the colon.
53:24, 23 min: Hayes colon. Soon the American adds a precise foul with a foul on Keating.
55:24, 24 min: Grigon Colon. The left is looking for a break.
57:24, 24 min: Two more points by Grigonis.
62:24, 25 min: Geben’s powerful setting. Grigon adds another distant bomb.
65:24, 27 min: The left is punished for a technical foul. Grigonis executes the sentence. Lekavicius adds two points.
65:25, 27 min: Free throw of Girdinjas.
67:27, 28 min: Bishkauskis stole the ball and scored two points. Blazevicius answers with two points.
67:30, 29 min: Bishkauskis takes a long-range kick.
69:31, 30 min: Blazevicius free throws from under the basket. Marshiulionis responds with an appropriate fine.
69:33, 30 min: Whales throw penalties.
72:33, 30 min: Milas hooks a triple in the last seconds.

Zalgiris: Marius Grigonis 14, Lucas Lekavicius 13, Martinas Gebenas 8, Rokas Jokubaitis 7, Arthras Milaknis 6, Nigel Hayes 5.

“Morning”: Dovis Bikauskis 7, Martinas Echodas 6, Christianas Kitsingas 5 Lucas Uleckas, Mindaugas Girginias and Augustas Marchioulionis 3 each.

75:33, 31 min: Milakis catches the rhythm. Another of his triples. The echo reacts with the colon.
77:35, 32 min: Lekavicius colon.

Jonas Miklovas, journalist of in the arena in Aalgiris
Today, the camera of Vidas Magiulis suffers more than Ritas – the cameraman of the legendary journalist grabbed the camera cable and dropped it on the concrete floor of the renaalgiris arena. The camera seems to work even after the shock.

79:38, 33 min: Yokubaitis gets colon. Girginias responded with a long throw.
81:40, 34 min.: Ehod’s colon. Geben responds with fines.
81:42, 34 min: Colon Bishkauskis.
83:42, 35 min: Lekavicius floaters.
85:42, 36 min: Jankenas dominates the basket.
87:43, 37 min: Shimonis scores the first points in LKL.
87:43, 38 min:
Colon Blazevicius.

Zalgiris, who won the first duel with 84:72 on October 25, did not have much time to prepare for Sunday’s match.

This will be the second match for Martin Schiller in 3 days. On Friday, “Zalgiris” landed at the home of “Barcelona” at 62:73, coach of Sharina Jasikevicius.

Despite the large volume of work in recent days, the player of Kaunas, Thomas Vokup, pointed out that the team is used to an intense schedule.

“We play with this rhythm almost every week, because we can not choose competitors. We are used to it, we need to prepare, strengthen our bodies and look ahead. “It was a difficult week, everything happens – you may be physically weak, emotionally tired … But when the day of the race comes, you are ready for it,” the American told

Offofri Lovern will not be able to help the team from Giralde in the duel with the basketball players of the capital. It was decided to give the tall man a rest.

Meanwhile, the basketball players of “Ritas” meet the principled duel, far from the best sports form.

Due to the KOVID-19 virus that entered the club and hit the players, the residents of Vilnius have not been on the floor since mid-November, when they destroyed Juventus with 100: 79 in Utena.

In addition, Ritas will enter the scene on Sunday with heavy bleeding.

The capital team lost as many as five basketball players due to injuries and effects of the KOVID-19 virus: Andrew Goodelok (muscle strain), Maurice Ndur (coronavirus), Arna Butkevicius (fracture of the finger), Rokas Gusti (shoulder injury) and Ryan Bo coronavir).

The series of fallen players caused a real headache for the men from Vilnius. coach Donald Cairis, who had to look for a way to replace basketball players who could not play.

The 43-year-old strategist turned to the youngsters growing up in the National Basketball League (NCL) in the morning and Perlo Energia teams invited a defender Adas Shimonis and the middle striker Rock Jochi.

The composition of “Ritas” for the match with “Zalgiris”:

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