Wednesday , October 27 2021

Power – the second indicator for a sports car


Among Lithuanian drivers, the belief that a sports car must be strong must reach 100 km / h as soon as possible. speed However, the panel of the "Lithuanian National Car 2019" did not mention one of the most powerful and fastest cars on the list of candidates for the most sporting model in history.

The Lithuanian journalist Autoclub, organizing the "Lithuanian car of the year", is the best-selling model of this year's market of 33 candidates. Everyone will fight for 9 other special nominations. One of them is the sportiest title awarded by the Auto Bild Lietuva magazine.

The most competitive are not the fastest ones

None of the 7 cars, which probably will reach 100 km / h, is the favorite of this title. speed It was one of the first tests that the electorate had to overcome. The work of the Volkswagen AG group was dominated by the same 3-liter V6 diesel engine, reaching 286 hp: Audi A6, Audi A7, Audi Q8 and Volkswagen Touareg, and electric Jaguar i-Pace. .

All this is 100 km / h, the speed has been reached in 6 seconds and faster, 3 of these cars – more spacious, large SUVs. And none of them was at Panevezys Labor Market Training Automotive, where journalists and experts were looking for the most sport car that appeared on the market in Lithuania this year and compared different types of car models.

"The sportiest does not mean it has to be the most powerful or fastest starting point. A powerful engine is good, but there is still something like a power-to-weight ratio that allows you to better or worse manage your car. They drive very fast, but the sportiest must meet many more criteria that are more important than power: how accurate and good the car is controlled, how well it can do sports tasks, for example, to go on a slalom route and how to talk with driver "- said Vitoldas Milius, editor of the" Auto Bild Lietuva "magazine.

Surprised by those who did not expect anything

The Commission member, "Lithuanian Year of the Car 2019", also noted that this year's competition for less sport cars is taking place, more for comfort. Last year, two Korean models competed intensively for this title: the Hyundai i30N specially designed for recreational tracks and the powerful Kia Stinger sedan combining sports driving.

In his words, this year, only one car on the side of the body has the inscription "Sport", which still means nothing. However, the management functions were surprised by other cars that drivers buy on a daily trip.

"This year we focused on management functions, we traveled with a wide range of cars together with colleagues from the Panevėžys job center on the roadside highway, and then I conducted a questionnaire." Commissioners and other colleagues from the group of sportsmen mentioned the hatchback: Ford Focus, Honda Civic, The Suzuki Swift Sport. BMW X2 Crossover and Peugeot 508 have also received a lot of praise for their performance in driving, and these cars are distinguished from the pleasant features of the driver, they are not the most powerful, but they are perfectly managed if anyone asks me which of the candidates will participate in This year's "press rally" will be one of those cars, I would not like to race in a big and heavy four-wheeled SUV, for example, they are adapted to a different drive – explained Milius.

The results of such choices usually affect fuel or tires – good ones can give a false impression of a car, and bad can damage a very sporty model. However, this is not the case with the "Year of the Lithuanian Car of the Year 2019" – all models have Continental winter tires, and their tanks are filled only at Neste petrol stations.

Nominated for the most sporting model will be presented during the finals of the "Cars of the year 2019" contest on November 29, and three selected candidates will be announced on November 21.

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