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Police have new 'weapons' to stop speed lovers: they'll be on the road next month

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Drivers will not pay attention

According to Ramanas Kemzara, commander of the Kaunas Police Chief Police Commissariat (LSC) Road Police Steering Board, at the latest meeting of the Kaunas Municipal Transportation Safety Commission, acceleration is the biggest problem in Kaunas. According to police, it is common to exceed the permitted limit of 20-30 km / h.

Officials in Kaunas County hope to tame lovers of speed with new radars to receive from the police department in October. Tripod mounted equipment will be known to work with untrained police officers and will not require a distinctive police car.

Mobile devices will also be able to measure speed in areas where the police team has difficulty stopping. The radars are intended to be used throughout Kaunas County, with nine speeds planned.

The number of accidents annoys me

At a meeting of the Road Safety Commission, Mr Kemzura also presented statistics on accidents involving injuries that justify the need for new measures to combat rapid movement.

According to the patrol company commander, in the first eight months of the same period this year, the number of accidents in Kaunas increased by 20%, the number of injured in accidents increased by 26.5%. Five pedestrians, two car drivers and a motorcyclist have already been killed in 2019.

In 2018, January was the most tragic and June this year. Three traffic participants were killed that month, all on 22 June. 50% In 2019, pedestrians entering the road in the restricted area are to blame for the traffic accidents. 25% of accidents are caused by the lack of a safe driving speed, distance disregard, 12.5%. – Failure to fulfill the condition to give up.

It is true, as the committee members have noted, that this compares the number of events for 2018 that are already clarified with operational information for this year, which records the number of casualties following the completion of police investigations.

Solve the problem at a dangerous location

Particular attention was paid to the Commission on Traffic Safety at Junction S. Chukauskas and Northern Circuit Avenue in the last two years: a three-stage BMW pillar flight in January 2018 and a fatal crash on the other side of the ring in June 2019.

The risk of driving from the north side of the hill was reduced by installing a speedometer and fence near the bypass, but the problem was not resolved when moving away from Savanoric Avenue. Police are also proposing to build radars or rollers on this section, which can be partially resolved by periodically measuring the speed of cars on the North Avenue using mobile devices.

"The situations are not the same and there are no places where road users die after a year," Mr Kemzura said. – Of course, the increased number of incidents (257 and 325 respectively) is alarming. (…) A number of accidents in which pedestrians are seriously injured. ”

New gauges have reached Lithuanian police. Photo by Lithuanian police

New gauges have reached Lithuanian police. Photo by Lithuanian police

The EU has provided over one million euros

New radars purchased by the Estonian company Alarmtek AS by the police department should help reduce the number of speeding accidents in Kaunas and throughout Lithuania. In addition to the procurement of 37 sets of mobile speed measuring equipment with software for its integration into the administrative offense record, the Department has also trained staff.

According to Central Procurement Portal, the purchase came in at just over $ 1.17 million. The project is funded by the European Union and devices, as the Lithuanian police shared on their Facebook page on Monday, have already reached the Warehouse of the police station in the village of Nemenshinic II.

September 27th A public presentation of speed measuring devices takes place, during which Lithuanian police leaders, police officers, heads of traffic safety authorities, traffic safety experts will discuss the main causes of accidents in the country and ways to encourage safe traffic. More details on the use of radars in Kaunas will be given after the official launch.

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