Monday , September 20 2021

Money bag: Mayweather sighed six-digit for a few sentences at a press conference

The legend of live boxing, Floyd Mayweather, shook the world of martial arts fans last week and announced that he will perform in the ring for another sensational fight on New Year's Eve.

It is true that after only a few days the boxer himself denied this information, but these "false" stories have been heard so far.

Mayweather traveled to Japan last week and announced a sensational return there at his press conference. The American said he reached an agreement on the fight against the rising Japanese star MMA, the twentieth anniversary of Tenshin Nasukawa.

Soon there was information in the foreign media about the space cost of the fight. It has been announced that even in the event of a defeat Mayweather will receive about 88 million. euro bonus.

It's true that after returning home, the boxer sent a long message to his Instagram account, confirming that the fight would not take place and that there would be no need to focus on artificially induced hacking.

He claimed that the Japanese manipulated the conditions of the struggle and that the information given to the public was false.

One of the most influential players in the boxing world, Bob Arum, president of Top Rank, said on Friday. He ridiculed the whole "demonstration", assured that such things could not succeed and revealed a very interesting detail.

According to Arum, the "bubble" was so fierce that it received just a million words at the press conference. euro

The highest-ranking president thinks that the amount may be higher, but this bonus, according to Arum, is no longer surprising.

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