Tuesday , January 26 2021

Member of the group “Patrols” – to meet his wife: he approached her with trembling hands

A man known on the news portal tv3.lt told about their first acquaintance, their newborn daughter and how he changed when he became a father.

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PHOTO GALLERY. When Patrulis, who got his daughter and wife a month ago, is worried about only one thing: it makes gray hair appear on his head.

Huozas said that … a year ago he held a concert at a private event where Graжинаina also worked. “That day was one of the most memorable days of my life. That day I met Graжинаina. She worked in a cafe and we performed with the band. I entered the cafe because I wanted to do an audio check. I practiced and I saw her. Our eyes met. From that moment until now, she “fell” in my eye … I think there was something in common here. The chemistry boils immediately. “Emergency chemistry,” he said.

The interlocutor was happy that their life is like a textbook, everything happens one after another: “These 3 years are like a textbook. Less than 10 months passed from our acquaintance to the wedding. It was also about 10 months before the wedding. Graжинаa later became pregnant. “Everything came out.”

Huozas also remembers the moment when he gained courage and came to Graчинаina: “I remember breaking my legs. I realized that I could not miss this opportunity. After the concert, I drank maybe a bucket of coffee and dared to invite her to a meeting. I wanted to invite her for coffee. With trembling hands over coffee, I approached her and invited her to meet me. I offered to meet, and she jokingly said, “Are you still drinking a lot of coffee?”

True, there is greater joy in their lives now. More recently, they have given birth to a baby girl named Agota. The baby is the first offspring of the man: “This is a new phase. Sometimes I have a hard time realizing that we have a baby. That feeling is indescribable. It teaches me to be better, more careful, more responsible. We are responsible for life. Sometimes I even get confused by what it does to us – real miracles. “It is still very difficult for me to describe this feeling, which I feel,” said the interlocutor sensitively.

According to the performer, he tries to be a good father and always take care of himself and the offspring of his beloved: “I will not be a strict father, but I will be right. I have already chosen this direction. By then I had already raised 2 children in Graчинаina. Now I am raising 3 children. I want to be strict but fair. It is clear that everything is within reason. I am like that. “I do not want injustice.”

Huozas and Graсina’s house now has 3 children. Speaking about them, he said that they are not alous-submissive to their mother’s attention, they voluntarily accepted a new member of the family: “Children are not alous-submissive to their mother’s attention. Maybe it would have been a little different if he had only 1 child and now they are in two. They play together and spend time. Of course, we pay attention to them as well, but now we pay more attention to the baby. It should be fed, taken care of. I am happy that I change the diapers for the child, I wear them. Put I put on the first diapers and a hat. For me, it was something amazing. I want to always be by her side. “We also try to give a lot of time to the elderly, but they are in two parts, so it is really more fun for them.”

Ending a conversation about living with a loved one and starting a family, he was happy that there was harmony in their home. “Carolina was really happy for her sister. He was madly happy to learn that he would have a sister. She sings lullabies and kisses her every morning and evening. All our children are super and perfect. There is harmony between them. Sure, he’s angry, but that’s natural. “As for the harmony of our family, I think it is very beautiful,” he smiled.

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