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How to properly use the medical masks?

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With the rapid increase in the number of influenza cases and the prevalence of epidemics in many municipalities, health professionals remind the importance of prevention and prevention of influenza. It is estimated that one patient on average infects 4 healthy people. To avoid this, it is important to comply with hygiene rules, maintain the sleep mode and strengthen immunity. Pharmacists note that in the past few weeks residents have moved away from pharmacies and medical masks. It is also an important tool to protect against the virus, you just have to wear it properly.

Pharmacist Regina Molotov says there are still opinions in the society that wearing medical masks is strange or ugly. However, the need for these masks recorded in January shows that people's awareness is rising.

"Compared to January of this year last January, we see that people's interest in medical masks has doubled." Residents are beginning to realize that protection is important for both the healthy and the sick. "The medical mask is a physical barrier that prevents coagulation or sneezing from spreading the spread of the virus to the virus that can be transmitted, and healthy people who care for the patient or in hoops when people wear a mask reduce the likelihood of infection, "the pharmacist notes.

Wear it correctly

However, protecting yourself and others can only be done by properly carrying a medical mask. Should be worn thoroughly after washing hands with soap. And to make sure the mask is correctly positioned, you can breathe deeply through breathing – breathing through your breath and breath.

"Properly placed mask should cover the surface of the nose, mouth and beard, and its edges should be firm, but comfortable to press the nose and cheeks to prevent cracks. If the mask is threaded, it must be tied to the middle of the head and neck or attached to the ear loops, "the pharmacist explains the most important principles.

One of the most important rules is to replace the mask on time. The patient should change the mask every 3-4 hours. or more often, as soon as they get wet, because the warm and humid environment is a favorable medium for breeding bacteria. For a healthy person this rule is not so important, it is possible to wear a mask for a second time, but it is better to avoid hygiene. According to the pharmacist, it's also optimal for a healthy person and a sick person to replace 1-2 masks a day.

Additional protection

R. Molotkova recalls that it is important to take other preventive measures to protect against uncontrolled influenza and colds – to ventilate the premises, avoid stress, monitor the daily routine, maintain a good rest. If you feel the first symptoms, stay home better, do not go to work. And most importantly, good hygiene habits.

"Wash your hands with water and soap thoroughly every time you return from the ground or before eating. Do not rush, relax your hands, but also the upper part of the hands, the middle length, the benches and last for at least 10 seconds, hold them under the flow water and dry them with a personal cloth, "remarked Mr. Molotov and reminds you to remove the hand gloves before washing, otherwise the dirt will not be washed under them.

No less important is the hygiene rule – once to throw a handkerchief for single use. The rejected handkerchief will have no contact with the environment and will protect others from the infection.

Protection against influenza and colds is also aided by strengthening the body with vitamins C and D, fish oil extract and echinacea is helpful. The pharmacist recalls that vitamin C is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables – red peppers, cabbage, broccoli, oranges and vitamin D can be obtained by eating egg yolks, greasy salmon, herring, eel.

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