Friday , August 7 2020

Grigatitis – about last year: not only has health caused problems

A well known man told how he prepares for his celebrations every year, talked about spectacular gifts and talked about the past year.

This time, the entrepreneur celebrated his birthday with his closest friends and another occasion – his appointment as ambassador for the world-class French luxury lifestyle, Le Kerkel, by Pernod Ricard.

Asked how you were preparing for this year's celebration, J. Grigaitis betrayed her secret. "I wouldn't say I'm trying to make birthdays something special, but my guest list includes foreign diplomats and business people coming to Vilnius. Wanting to show them something they had never seen or heard before, they didn't find it. So I always look at what it could be like locating, what it might be like for people, while retaining a particular area of ​​art, culture, design or fashion, achievements. You want them to feel it or see it in person, "the businessman said.

For this reason, special attention was paid to J. Grigaitis is always trying to dedicate himself to where he plans to celebrate: "Last year's birthday was at the exclusive exhibition-gallery of the Eagle Disney, and this year at the new Baltic Theater studio. I'm trying to look for some space so that everyone will be interested and see what Lithuanians can do more. "

Highlights of Avilanas Grigaitis' birthday party

Highlights of Avilanas Grigaitis' birthday party

Luxury Shimmer Ž. The Gregorian holiday has a lot to pay, but he doesn't hide that he usually tries to find partners for it. “Investment is a conditional thing. Yes, there are certain costs – there are preparation, invitations, programs, thinking about activities. I try to work with everybody, "he added.

And while the entrepreneur himself says the gifts are the least important, his birthday party guests always manage to impress.

"I told everyone that I don't do it for gifts, not for flowers or for self-satisfaction. Since many people return to Vilnius after the summer, they want to talk to people you haven't seen in a while. I got a lot of interesting gifts to look out for – certain procedures that I haven't tried yet. It will be interesting to try massages, facial and everything else, "said the businessman.

That's right. Grigaitis added that there is less and less free time now: "It will take time, because life on the continents has its pros and cons. But while I am still in Lithuania, I will try to take advantage. However, it is clear that my renaming requires much greater responsibility. I want to show some results because I trust in the global French concern. "

When asked to say what the past year looked like, a prominent businessman told me that they are double, but they cannot be called bad.

"Probably the road was not covered in pink – more attention should be paid to health problems and certain businesses that had to be abandoned to give up. I'd say more or less time to reflect on the preparations for the next steps. I can't say this year was very, very good, though as far as I know, many things have improved for the maiden mark since the fall. Thank goodness, after 7 years of that black moon overhead, it may definitely disappear and we can enjoy what we did and created, "said the well-known man.

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