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Google was no joke: the most ambitious plans in company history have nothing to do with its business

Sudar Pichai says the clean energy deal will include 18 separate clean energy supply agreements with Google. The company will be powered by solar and wind power projects around the world. "

"Following this move, Google's clean energy portfolio will grow by 40 percent, giving the company access to an additional 1.6 GW of clean electricity. That power is generated by the million solar panels installed on the roofs of the buildings, the company said in a statement.

Now, Google has become the largest corporate company to buy huge amounts of renewable electricity to power its global network of operations and data centers.

Google said that when it acquired more than $ 7 billion, a kWh of electricity in 2017, it became the first company to scale up to 100 percent. the need for electricity comes from renewable energy sources.



The company has achieved this in 2018 and hopes to continue doing so this year. With recent deals, Google will reach up to 5.5 GW of electricity contracts with renewable energy producers. The capacity of such renewable energy parks is needed to meet the technology giant's energy needs.

Pica says the company's new move will "boost new, over $ 2 billion." Energy projects worth US $ [vystymą ir] construction, including millions of solar panels and hundreds of windmills on three continents. "

"We do not buy power from existing wind and solar power plants, but we are committed to the long term [energijos] procurement of commitments that determine the development of new projects, "Pica said.

Almost half of Google's planned investment in renewable energy will go to European countries, including projects in Finland, Sweden, Belgium and Denmark.

The deal also includes investments in US states: North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas. It has also been agreed to slightly lower investment in South America as Google has a data center in Chile.

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