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Ennifer Aniston made his spectacular Instagram debut, uploading only one photo to become record holder

Former star "Friends" made his Instagram debut on Tuesday. There was so much that they wanted to follow her account that the congestion caused the network to malfunction for some time.

In just one hour, Mr Aniston's account received over $ 116,000. followers, and her first post, before turning off the site, had hundreds of thousands of positive reactions. It was later reported that the photo became record-breaking, attracting millions of followers in just 5 hours.

All the main characters in the series "Friends" are so captured on stage. Aney Aniston, posing with Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer, added in the photo: "We are now friends of Instagram. Hi, Instagram.

Ms Aniston hailed her fellow actress Reese Witherspoon on the social network, which commented on the photo: "Yes !!! Welcome to Insta, enen.

The 50-year-old actress was just 25 when she found herself starring in the comedy sitcom Rachel Green. The series lasted ten seasons and this year marks her 25th birthday.

In October, Aniston rejected the film "Friends". “Our producers didn't want us, they wouldn't let us go. It's fun. But that is. Maybe it's better, but we'll never know, "the actress said.

Mr Aniston has received tremendous support from fans and friends who are thrilled to be able to make it easier to celebrate now without the need for a playlist. After the actor's selfie spread on the Internet, Mr Aniston entered the million followers in just a few hours. They now have 5.7 million actresses and the number is only growing.

Selfie is very simple, obviously made at home without any special training. In fact, he even received comments from fans because of the poor quality of the photo. There were those who argued that someone, and Mr Aniston should have a good camera, others hang on the lineup. Anyway, welcome, enenifer.

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