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E. Jankauskas summed up the Romania summit: "This league is obviously too difficult for us" Sport

No impact on the gate area. The highest period in the history of the Independence of Poland is underway.

In the greater crisis of the game, the Lithuanian team was only in the interwar period, when eleven consecutive times were beaten in 1936-1938.

"Despite the quick inaccurate first goal, the first half was not bad enough, the men tried to play football, they did not feel hopeless, we did a few opportunities, but after the break the obvious advantage of our opponents was cleared up, which determined the outcome of the match" the head coach of the team.

– Missing goals – consistency or lack of concentration of individual errors?

– Individual mistakes and individual benefits of our rivals. We miss the first goal, after Rumble did very well with our protector. Ernestas (Šetkus – Aut. M.) He was left alone in front of the striker, so it was very difficult to save the team.

The second goal was scored by the hosts after a good personal touch, a beautiful combination. In this episode the defender did not score a goalkeeper.

The third goal is wonderful. We are all wrong, but at this level such mistakes change into motion. Today's league is obviously too difficult for us.

Photo: Scanpix / Egg Jankauskas

Photo: Scanpix / Egg Jankauskas

– What was missing for the attacks to be more severe?

– The attack requires individual craftsmanship, especially when playing against powerful teams. During the attack, it was not the best day for us, although we had bargains. For the first minute we managed to score after a very good attack, but Gratas (Sirdis – aut.past.) Missed the goal.

However, we were not too aggressive on the opponent's goal, but the game itself was not bad – it was a ball, and it was courage. However, when the result is 0: 3, these things are neglected.

– Arvydas Novikovas received two yellow cards. How did they look like you from the country?

– In my opinion, these yellow cards are not awarded. The first warning was picked up after the hand emerged from the opponent. There was no elbow of any game. The second yellow card was assigned after the opponent caught Arvydas' leg.

– The player will miss the last duel in the tournament in Belgrade …

– This loss will affect us very much. Arvydas is one of our leaders and will really miss the square.

Scanpix Photo / Arvid Novikov

Scanpix Photo / Arvid Novikov

– You changed Fedora Chernych in the second quarter. Was it a tactical decision or was the player demanding a change?

Fedia and so they have complaints about his ankles. With the score 0: 3 we wanted to protect him from other matches.

– Vykintas Ślivka entered after the change in the second half, immediately collided with the opponent and bragged for some time. Is this picture very disturbing?

– I hope nothing serious happened. A very unpleasant view when it happens to the player after the change after the change.

– Domantas Šimkus made his debut on the ice rink, Grat Sirgusta returned after the break. How do you rate their game?

– Here is the positive part of the match. All three new players – Diamond (Petravičius – aut.past), Gratas and Domantas were well in the game, none of them came out of context.

VIDEO: Thoughts E.Jankauskas after the match

– Several Lithuanian fans were heard well at the empty stadium of Ploiesti. Is it not unbelievable that despite a series of lost passages, fans are still coming to the match and supporting it?

– More pleased. People who travel really support our team. Those who understand Lithuanian football and know all the circumstances should support players. They are innocent in education gaps. Fans see devotion, desire and dedication. It would be strange for me if after this match anyone could question the players' involvement. They really fought and fought. He even has some illusions – you are completely surrendered, you play within your limits, but you still lose.

It's a disappointment – you give up completely, you're playing within your limits, but you're still losing.

– After the match Romanian strategist of the team Cosmin Contra liked the success in the last match with Serbs?

– They'd really like it. We want it even more, both for ourselves and for them.

Scanpix Photo / Conmap Conmap

Scanpix Photo / Conmap Conmap

– In this match you have chosen a bit unusual composition with many new faces. Can we expect a similar eleven in Belgrade?

– Let's see. In Romania, there were many players who competed in the league. The intensity here is much higher. We'll see how they can get better because the match is three days old.

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