Saturday , October 23 2021

Drivers exceeding speed are subject to disqualification


Last week, officers of the Police Commissariat in Kaunas entrusted control of the speed of vehicles.

At that time, officers recorded 102 permissible speeds of speeding: 5 drivers exceeded speeds from 10 to 20 km / h, 65 – from 20 to 30 km / h, 23 from 30 to 40 km / h, 5 from 40 to 50 km / h , 4 – over 50 km / h

November 6 around 18:45 In Kaunas, at T. Masiulio street, it was found that the 31-year-old Toyota man exceeded the maximum speed of 53 km / h. The man was driving at a speed of 105 km / h, when the maximum speed on this road is 50 km / h. The driver has an administrative offense and is subject to a penalty of up to EUR 550 and a driving ban of up to six months.

Another driver, exceeding the speed of 50 km / h, was repaired on November 8. around 8.30 am Kedainiai District, by the Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipeda road. A 44-year-old man driving a Volkswagen car at a speed of 167 km / h, as well as an administrative crime report. The driver ordered the officials to rush to this event.

The sobriety of vehicle drivers is also assessed. In total, seven drunk drivers have been identified. Three cases of benign disease were detected, 3 – moderate, 1 – severe juvenile cases. There are also 5 dirty motorcyclists.

On November 10, around 21.50 hours, officials were notified about the suspect maneuvering vehicle in Kaunas, ul. Vaišvydava. Immediately reacting to the report, the officials noticed the vehicle and stopped it for inspection. The 28-year-old Subaru driver's car was hit hard by the alcohol rate – 2.61 miles, the degree of drunkenness. The man was taken to the hospital to determine the exact amount of alcohol in the blood.

Last week, officials registered 11 road traffic offenses committed by pedestrians. Catch 3 harmful and hooligan driving licenses. In addition, officials identified 8 people who were driving, but they had no right to do so.

17 road users died this year (27 people died last year), 694 were injured (591 last year).

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