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Dr. Morozov named what really helps the liver and what will only seriously damage it

Let’s start with a completely simple question – what does the liver do in our body?

– I could answer quite simply – they work for everything. They are usually called the body laboratory. They also participate in the digestion of heavier molecules and produce almost all the necessary proteins, remove toxins, deal with drugs that are metabolized by the liver.

– If you type “how to clean” in a Google search, the word “liver” is likely to appear in the search box. Obviously, you are also facing patients who want to improve, speed up liver function. But do they really need to be cleaned?

– If we type in Google how to clear the mind, it would be much better … There are even a few clinics that do this “cleansing”, liver, intestines or vaccinations. Our body is not like a water pipe that is overgrown with something and those impurities need to be dissolved. No, the liver should not be cleansed, it should only be contaminated. It cleans as best as possible, and also cleanses the whole body. But we must try not to make their lives difficult.

– And how can we inadvertently make life difficult for the liver?

– My favorite word is civilization. What makes us lazy, full, sleepy, somewhat dizzy, fat, burdens our liver. Liver obesity – we will soon start talking not only about the obesity epidemic, but also about the liver obesity epidemic. Just as fat accumulates on the cheeks and abdomen, so does the liver. In this case, it acts as a clogged filter and mechanically interferes with the flow of all the deposits that the liver wants to remove and all the enzymes the liver wants to produce.

In this way, various processes begin there, ending in inflammation. This is due to excessive consumption of substances, especially alcohol. Also too caloric, too fatty foods. The liver also produces bile, which is needed to digest fat. If they work constantly and are constantly overloaded, they will eventually change. Medications are also important. The doctor can control how much this will affect the patient’s liver when prescribing the medicine. But what patients themselves buy is very difficult to control. Paradoxically, those supplements that people buy and drink to improve liver function actually clog the liver with what is not needed.

– What would be the reverse recipe for improving liver function? I heard that broccoli helps well. Are there any products that really help? Because, as I understand it, accessories fall.

– I am not saying that all supplements fall, but you should talk to your doctor about everything. Yes, there are some amazing accessories that help. And if we talk about foods that help the liver, they are antioxidants. They protect our cells, not only the liver, but also the walls of blood vessels, the cells of the brain. Antioxidants are unsaturated fatty acids – fish oil, vegetable diet, rich in fiber, good bacteria. Also, perhaps plain marjoram, the material extracted from it would be an excellent protection for the liver. It can be based on oil or seeds. However, the broccoli, carrots and fish oil you mentioned are also perfect.

– Again, you probably should not think of just one product and turn the whole diet into a cure for that product.

– Yes We have to eat a variety of foods and that broccoli or carrots only help until we start eating a piece of smoked bacon or 8 zeppelins. If we break carrots or broccoli with those 8 zeppelins, a piece of bacon and a liter of vodka, they will not help anything.

– What are the symptoms that indicate that you already have concerns about the condition of the liver?

– Very good question, because we do not have any specific symptoms to describe the condition of the liver. I often told patients who came in and said they had liver pain that they could not. I am not saying this now because any patient interest in their health is welcome. Until you get sick. Therefore, weakness, deterioration of the skin, indigestion, chronic fatigue, unpleasant odor, jaundice may be a symptom of liver damage. If we are talking about the little sister’s gallbladder and bile acid, then the pain in the right side, an hour or two after the meal, already indicates the need to do something.

– Are there any studies that can prevent the condition of the liver?

– Yes There are 2 studies – one shows what they look like and the other – how they live. A very simple test is an ultrasound test. During this time, we assess the liver for fat or abnormalities. The simplest test – liver enzymes, shows whether the liver is not overloaded. Then we can take one measure or another.

– And then what to do if they are too tired?

– Then grab and start “cleansing” the liver – reduce the amount of calories received, increase energy consumption. That means eating less and moving more. See what we eat. Get rid of very fatty, animal, fried foods, processed meats, semi-finished products. Get rid of bulky sauces. And in general, my advice is to cook yourself, to eat healthier – broccoli, carrots, fruits, good fats. You can start taking certain supplements that improve liver function, but for this I would definitely recommend consulting a doctor instead of resorting to distributed network products. And get rid of harmful habits such as alcohol, smoking, drinking too much coffee, stress, poor sleep. If we can do this, we will protect not only the liver but also the heart and brain.

– One of the most famous diseases of the liver is hepatitis – A, B and C. Can we briefly discuss this disease and the difference between hepatitis A, B and C?

– Hepatitis D, E and F are still present. There are many of them, it is a viral disease. It is a virus that mainly stays in the cells of the liver, where it multiplies and causes inflammation. Hepatitis B and C are spread through very close contact, usually sexually or through blood, saliva, but this will require longer contact. Hepatitis A spreads through dirty hands as a foodborne infection. They all occur like other viral infections – they break bones, the temperature rises. Only then another yellow. This damages the liver because the virus multiplies in it and the person comes to the hospital. Hepatitis is really dangerous, it can develop into an irreversible condition, especially after hepatitis C. This is cirrhosis of the liver. But really hepatitis goes down to the already mentioned fatty liver and the same inflammation of the liver.

– How are they treated?

– Treated in hospital with special drugs. Hepatitis A is usually transient and unnoticed.

Probably one of the biggest fears people have is that taking medication will damage the liver. Can this really happen?

– Yes When we talk about long-term medication, patients usually say they do not want to take medication because of liver pain. As I mentioned, the pain in the liver may not be very strong, but the concern is always good. Liver-treated drugs, usually fat-soluble drugs, burden the liver in one way or another. If we have a predisposition to liver disease or slightly damaged liver, the same fatty liver, then about one gram per day such a drug can significantly worsen the condition of the liver. Similarly, fatty liver and chronic inflammation, as a result of poor drug treatment, can worsen the condition of other diseases, such as diabetes, control blood pressure, increase the chances of dying from stroke or heart attack. . So, it is true that drugs burden the liver, but first we need to consider what we consume ourselves. For example, paracetamol or ibuprofen, which reach doses of one gram per day very quickly – these are 2 tablets and the gram is already available. In any case, when doctors prescribe drugs for a long period of time, the condition of the liver is periodically monitored and we see if we do not worsen the function of the liver.

– If now a person is scared that something is wrong with his liver – what to do? See a doctor or follow up and wait for any symptoms? Is your liver worth examining?

– Yes, because there are no specific symptoms. If you have at least one of the risk factors we talked about – poor diet, bad habits, stress and use of certain substances, of course, look at what happens in them. Unfortunately, children already have fatty liver and liver problems have already been detected in children.

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