Friday , October 22 2021

C. Ronaldo scored – beautiful, but Man United in Turin shocked Juventus, who won the match,


Cristiano Ronaldo, who returned to Manchester two weeks ago, was happy to have won the team but did not score. That evening, Turin managed to register Portugal, but the victory of the club he represented was not successful.

One of the best players in the world, Juventus 1: 2 landed in Manchester United and was unable to get a seat elsewhere in the UEFA Champions League.

The one who won the Italian champions in the past, wore a Red Devil shirt and now the "old seniors" representing C. Ronaldo. In 65 minutes the visitors faced a chance to raise the lead after a beautiful Leonardo Bonucci cross.

Juvei failed, but Juan Mata made a fantastic free kick in the 86th minute, and another four minutes after the penalty in the penalty area Juventus's goal fell from the ball player of Turin Alexo Sandro.


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