Wednesday , April 21 2021

Bustur is the new CEO

In March of this year, the then CEO Thomas Bilinskas left the position of the passenger company Busturas. He is a leading Bustur for almost three years. Today it is clear who will become the general manager of the company.

According to Eduaras Bivainias, director of the administration of the city of Siauliai, after a long selection, meetings and interviews with candidates, the final candidate for the position of director of Busturo was finally elected.
"There were as many as 59 biographies, of which 18 potential candidates were previously selected, and the conversation reached 8. After all the interviews were selected by the committee, on Friday, the board approved Vaidas Seirak as a manager and is currently the technical director for trucking and trailer, "says the director of the administration.

The future general manager was born in September 1971. He is a real Šiauliai, who has a professional degree in automotive engineering and repair at the Šiauliai College. Since 2012 he has worked as a director of services and has many years of experience – working as a chief engineer, technical director, production master and mechanic in several companies.

E. Bivainis said the biographical biography was received from representatives of various specialties, and that perhaps some people wanted to check it out. "The job descriptions were sent to the teachers and what they wanted, and there were some who sent with very little work experience." Perhaps people simply check their options or they will be selected. "Of the selected 8 candidates, not all are Lithuanians" , commented E. Bivainis.

According to the director of the administration, the selection process was complicated and the elected director would have to deal with a number of problems with Bošturas. "It was really hard to choose, all the candidates had high abilities. However, we hope that we have chosen the best and that the potential director will bring something fresh and good," said Bivan.

Asked why Bustur will be the candidate for the post of general manager, Bivannis replied: "The best answer to this question is: when the manager has already been appointed, we believe that first, what you need to do is order a performance audit and examine company without prejudice ".

Busturo's main issues were identified by the Administrative Director as a technical park that needs to be upgraded and reviewed for buses, as well as the cost of a number of services, as some services are at a loss and should be considered. Another problem identified by E. Bivainis is a suburban carriage.
It is planned that the future director could start his duties in a few weeks.

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