Wednesday , June 16 2021

An interview given 23 years ago told him about teeth and predicted his future "in Russia"

This edition attracted the attention of the public not only thanks to the new, open and unobstructed view of the stars, but it was also attractive for humor, elements of parody, did not discourage provocation and innovation, we read in a press release.

The creators of the program, abandoning the style of a sweet and ragged lifestyle, let their characters freely show their true face and lifestyle.

This was the result of the release of X-Clan in: Sam, Edit Milda, Juozas Erlickas, Vaiva Maiņėtis, Regina Arbačiauskaitė, Andrius Mamontovas, Irma Jurgelevičiūtė, Borisas Moisejevas and many other celebrities.

Russian pop star Boris Moiseyev, who comes from Belarus and began her career in Lithuania, first confessed to the gay hero in the clan X. For the first time Juozas Erlickas demonstrated the skill of jumping from the tower in Zarasai for the first time in Zarasai, Rolandas Kazlas, To show off his unhappy personality, read his works Irma Jurgelevičiūtė spoke sharply about punishing death and hacking thieves, and then the young bride of her dreams Renata Mikailionytė interviewed her with her clothes in a bath at home.

The first program "X Clan", which can already be seen on the Internet, was a parody of an interview with the BIX leader, now producer of Saul Urbonavičius Sam.

Speaking about himself and his musical career, he did not stop at the opening. Speaking about the life of musicians, he admitted, however, that drinking alcohol after hitting the balls hates himself and feels strong. For many years, being sober, the smile will probably look at this interview, as already mentioned, that sobriety is the true path of the artist and conscious person.

Talking about foreign fires, he remembers meeting Nirvana in 1989, when BIX and Nirvana played in one club in Germany: "They were unknown to a group from the United States, the simplest chronica and went to the whipping scene instead of going to the toilet."

He also talks about the next adventures in life, about how he became a vegetarian, when he became a student and teetched his teeth, "pilotes" a fighter, because it is supposed to be his hobby, and his "future" will be predicted in Russia after a long horn, black glasses and mustache.

However, the detection of Russian stars will surprise the creation of a similar image of the Russian pop artist Igor Nikolayev. Meanwhile Rocker will play as if he escaped to Russia after 20 years, because "the West did not understand our music, also in Lithuania", forgetting the Lithuanian language and singing songs about love, as typical sweet Russian performers.

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