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An immigrant returning to his homeland awaits the shipment with anxiety: she learned she had a prison

Many readers have tasted oil from cannabis seeds. You can calm down, this product can be used and used in Lithuania, because the seeds are the only part of cannabis that does not contain drugs.

The tongue is talking about cannabis oil from the CBD (cannabidiol), which is believed to have properties for improving health. Because this oil is produced from the whole plant (leaves, stems, seeds, rings) contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol – narcotic impressions). THC in such oils can be very different, often in just a few percent.

Head of the Molecular Oncology Laboratory at the National Cancer Institute (NVU) prof. Dr. Kęstutis Sužiedėlis says the amount of narcotic substances in cannabis oil depends on the type of oil.

"If we look at the technology of oil production, we can only see that cannabis oil is present in their seeds, but if we look at the first list of medicines that contain illicit drugs in medicine, there is no cannabis seed." It's just written that we can we use cannabis seeds because they do not contain THC. This is the only part of the oil that contains cannabis oil, says Prof. Dr. K. Gunka.

An immigrant returning to his homeland awaits the shipment with anxiety: she learned she had a prison

– The oil we are talking about is not extracted from these seeds, it is an extract from other parts of the cannabis factory that naturally do not contain oil. So it all depends on how the extract is extracted from those parts. "

In Lithuania, it is permitted to grow hemp hemp with no more than 0.2 percent. THC for use in industry and horticulture.

However, the oil of any make-up made from cannabis is prohibited by the Health Act (except for hemp seed oil). Any amount of cannabis oil greater than 25 grams is treated as having a very large amount of narcotic substances for distribution.

The Criminal Code provides for the disposal of cannabis oil up to 2 years, 10 years for transport and 15 years in prison.

However, cannabis can be easily purchased in Lithuania. Manufacturers are in no hurry to talk about bans, others believe it is legal.

Hence, if you have purchased cannabis (non-seed) or at home, you may be in serious trouble.

However, in Lithuania there are not many people who use this oil every day, according to the law, illegally.

The Department of Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol Control considers that, in the light of changing market trends, it would be appropriate to reconsider the existing legal framework for regulating the cannabis grown for fiber, in order to clarify the legal framework for products and products made from hemp.

"There is no unanimous opinion about the safe amount of THC in food in Europe, but this issue is already raising at European level, so it is likely that Europe will bring a sensible and united view in the near future," said Simon, chief specialist in the Department of General Affairs and Internal Administration Imbrasiene.

You ordered the banned oil

Lina told her story. According to her, while studying and studying, she felt well and did not complain about more serious health problems. Everything turned up when her mother had cancer of the brain, not long before she died. Health problems were then covered by Lina. She was diagnosed with cancer (a type of cancer), had problems with bones, indigestion, anxiety, and so on.

"I could not deal with eating or acidity anymore," I said, "I am getting back even after eating an apple." At that time I was only 28. How do you keep living? I did all the research that was possible and recommended, "said Lina. However, there was no diagnosis and the condition worsened. When nothing could be done, she sent her to a psychiatrist. He admitted that it was a psychosomatic disorder that had not been treated with drugs.

Friends of women offered to relax in Malaga. Over time, Lina traveled to Spain more and more, until she finally decided to stay. Changing the environment and lifestyle has made the woman easier. Finally, hearing the surrounding people learned about the cannabis oil. Because, according to a woman, people from all over the world come to Malaga to recover. Here they allow winter and even calm down, not only to use oil for edible oil (creams, oils – lubricated and oral, sprays, dietary supplements, etc.). To maintain well-being.

Cannabis oil was also used by Lina. The woman said I felt better sleeping and worrying. Over time, digestive and other health problems have been solved.

Carbine petroleum products Lina used in Spain for about a year, and then decided to return to Lithuania. She rented an apartment in Vilnius, had already had several job interviews. After several days in Lithuania, a woman noticed that the skin's skin began to dry, collapse and similar to the skin on the legs. The available creams did not satisfy the woman, so she decided to buy herbal marijuana that was used to date, which, according to her, is suitable even for the treatment of psoriasis.

She decided to buy hemp oil from Switzerland, which she had previously used. Shortly after the order, Lina learned that such a plot would be illegal in Lithuania and could be deprived of up to 2 years in prison for removal. The woman tried to cancel the purchase, but as a deliberate distributor of products did not work at the weekend, and only on Monday morning responded that the parcel was on its way to Poland.

Lina is currently awaiting, but every day she can be ejected by officials.

Aim to change

In the following days, Mykolus Majauskas, a member of Seimas, will submit a draft law to Parliament on the Law on Cannabis Fiber, which aims to enable consumers to legally acquire and consume no more than 0.2 percent. Cannabis products from THC and Lithuanian growers are allowed to produce and sell cannabis products with minimal TCH content.

"It's important to emphasize that there is no ban on cannabis oil." At the moment you are free to buy various types of foods containing cannabis or hemp seed – bread, flour, or beer, but the cannabis oil, although made from Lithuanian legally grown cannabis, is strictly prohibited, Majauskas said.

– When searching for a basin of oil or cannabis oil, the Internet disappears from different offers with delivery in Lithuania. Despite the practice of the European Union and the extremely low content of THC, cannabis oil in Lithuania is strictly prohibited by the 1961 UN Convention on Narcotic Drugs. Interestingly, there is no cannabis oil in the convention itself. It contains cannabis, hemp, tinctures, extracts – but not oil. "

Any THC content found in cannabis products is banned in Lithuania.

"The use of this psychoactive substance must be strictly controlled and allowed only for medical purposes. As of May this year, the TC will be available if this substance enters a registered medical product," said Seimas member.

Mykola Miauskas

Mykola Miauskas

© DELFI / Kiril Chakhovsky

– However, if you have THC in any form other than registered drugs or fibers, you will be guilty of drug abuse. Even a thousand grams of every activity related to THC's own products makes it a crime. "

The politician says it's even illogical, because, for example, when you buy cannabis tea in Lithuania, he can also detect traces from THC.

"How and when the ban on the use of cannabis oil appears can not be explained by representatives of the Ministry of Health. Perhaps it is just a translation error that can send thousands of patients today, says a member of Seimas.

"Narcotic and psychoactive substances are not sweet, but not all are equally dangerous."

Impact is still under investigation

IMI prof. Dr. K. Sužiedėlis said that Lithuanian scientists are beginning to conduct cannabinoid research (CBD and THC).

"We will try to find out what cannibid anticancer effect is." Many studies have shown that cannabinoids can have anti-cancer effects, but this is not precisely defined, so we want to find out about it, "said the professor.

The US Food and Drug Administration approved cannabinoid preparations as palliative preparations for oncologic patients.

"This means they are confirmed to ease the side effects of chemotherapy." Also, these preparations are suitable for neurodegenerative diseases. It was noticed that potentially these preparations also have anti-cancer effects. Patients not only feel better, but they also survive longer with these preparations, "Prof. Dr. K. Pushka.

– Scientists believe they could kill cancer cells. But maybe patients feel better and improve their quality of life. "

Studies of 5-8 years have shown that these drugs really kill cancer cells.

"The study also showed how this can happen, but the research itself has been done in model systems that can come up with different rebuke, they are not perfect. There are now clinical trials with patients, but they still have no results," says the professor .

According to the researcher, in any case, if the products help patients, they are good tools. However, when scientists communicated with doctors, it turned out that some specialists think that this is a good and necessary tool, while others say that there are palliative treatments in Lithuania and that's enough. And cannabis products may pose a health risk, which has not been fully explored by scientists.

"If the research proves that cannabinoids really have anticancer effects, there will be no question of legalization. In principle, those amendments that have already been adopted and will come into force in May will allow these measures to be used, only those preparations that currently are used as a palliative measure because they will allow the drug to be registered in a pharmaceutical law, said the professor.

– And the Pharmaceutical Act will require that impact based on research. So, as long as the impact is not confirmed by the research, it would not be possible to legitimize it. "

Kęstutis Sužiedėlis

Kęstutis Sužiedėlis

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The penalties are inadequate?

Scientists agree that the current sanctions for the possession and distribution of cannabis oil in Lithuania are inadequate. "It is very sad to see such cases of patients with oncology," says prof. Dr. K. Rifle.

Scientists believe that even such sanctions will not intimidate patients who will resort to possible latest available treatments.

"It should not be expected that such bans will discourage oncologic patients to acquire a product whose effects expects the patient to help him," said the professor.

– However, it would also not be good to take over and completely liberalize, allowing each patient to decide without the help of professionals on how to use it. We will protect patients from criminal cases, but it is unclear whether we will help to improve their health. "

Scientists say it is not known about the possible side effects if the anticancer properties of cannabis oil are not fully understood. Also, the effects of other anti-cancer drugs have been shown to decrease over time. Therefore, the hypothesis of using such preparations as anyone can seriously injure.

The professor also emphasizes that the term "medical cannabis" is often used, but not.

"There is a fiber hemp, the cannabis can be defined by the amount of THC present in the adult plant, the concentration of THC during the growing season, and if it is larger than allowed, it can no longer be fibrous but rather simple. cannabis oil can always be different, "says the IMI scientist.

According to the professor, oncological patients should be actively informed of these preparations that it does not have to be a salvation. "They can hurt, but how, we can not say, we do not know, because we still have no results," says prof. Dr. K. Rifle.

The professor says that scientists can get more information in about 2-3 years, but patients need a response …

"Perhaps they themselves can feel the effects of these preparations, and when they do harm," said the professor.

Prohibits any amount of THC

The Department for Control of Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol states that cannabis, cannabis, cannabis and tinctures extracts are forbidden to the extent regulated by the Law on the Control of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances of the Republic of Lithuania, with the exception of hemp oil and fat tissue regulated by Law on lymph nodes cannabis.

Cannabis cannabis regulated in Article 2 (4) of the Law on the Hair of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter: the Law) may be grown exclusively for fiber and seed or horticulture, while hemp products intended for internal consumption are not regulated by this Law or with accompanying legislation. .

An immigrant returning to his homeland awaits the shipment with anxiety: she learned she had a prison

© DELFI / Domantas Pipas

"It is important to note that in laboratory testing of cannabis oil, it often contains one of cannabinoids – tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which has psychoactive properties and is included in the list of narcotic and psychotropic substances approved by the Minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania in 2000 January 6th from Order No. 5. THC is considered a banned psychotropic substance, no matter where it is and in which concentration, – comments the spokeswoman of the Imbrasien department.

– Cannabis canvas extracts and cannabis extracts and tinctures are liquids of various physical states produced by the hemp surface so that these liquids can contain substantially higher levels of THC due to their ability to concentrate the active substance from the cannabis pot of itself. In this context, cannabis oil, extracts and tinctures (except cannabis oil) are also included in the lists of narcotic and psychotropic substances.

It must be understood that cannabis oil can only be pressed from cannabis seeds, and if all marijuana is used to extract the oil, then THC will inevitably be in the area of ​​regulation of narcotic and psychotropic substances. "

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