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Alcoholism Ben Affleck Unstable: Sleepy Feet | Names

Affleck attended the celebration, wearing a black suit and hiding his face under the mask of a skull. He came out of the party blinking. For a moment he barely fell on the asphalt, but still managed to get stuck in a car parked nearby.

"Sober is a tough job for anyone struggling with addiction," a close friend of the actor told People. "Ben agreed with the idea that one day he would go wrong."

After the party, the actor was in no hurry. He accompanied his musician Katie Ferry to a casino where, according to TMZ, gamblers exchanged about 20,000. dollars (approximately 18 thousand euros). With only $ 1,500 in 12 minutes (about € 1,353), he came out.

Photo: Vida Press / Ben Affleck, ex-wife of Ennifer Garner and children

Photo: Vida Press / Ben Affleck, ex-wife of Ennifer Garner and children

The next morning, the actor was seen arriving at his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. As a source close to Affleck said, "It is understandable that it was not easy for him to do so, but Ben acknowledged his mistake. He said that would happen, but things would not happen again. It was a smart move because the story is almost over. "

"I slipped, but I wouldn't get off the rails," the actor told the paparazzi next to him.

Aflekas was treated at rehabilitation clinics several times and twice. The last time he recovered was in August. The actor spent several months at the clinic, returning home for sports and business meetings only. When she finished treatment in October, she shared a sensitive post on the social network.

"This week I have completed a 40 day course of alcohol treatment at the clinic and will continue to oversee it. Fighting this addiction will be long and difficult, the actor wrote. – That is why no one has ever fully recovered. That's a commitment. I fight for myself and my family. "

Earlier in the year, in an interview, Affleck honestly said that it was easy to talk about his problems because it could help others.

"Being an alcoholic is part of my life, but alcoholism cannot become one of my words for identity … I had a problem and I want to talk about it, which I'm proud of. It's part of you, your life, your family… We face some obstacles and we have to overcome them, ”Affleck told Today.

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